Royale Wellness Studio

So as you may or may not know I’ve been a busy little bee planning my baby Royale Wellness Studio.

You can blame that for the lack of blogging lately (SORRY – DW I’ll be back to weekly blogs in a couple of weeks if I’m not in a corner rocking and pulling my own hair out.)

RWS has been a challenging and rewarding adventure that I’m so pumped about introducing to the community.


Well how the whole thing came along Matt and I had been chatting for agesssss about what the hell we can put into the front of the building (Royale Fitness is actually two buildings separated by a big cement wall) self gym was item number one – that got crossed off as there is easy $5 casual accessible gym around it would be pointless. Perhaps yoga – heated yoga – this plan fell through also – just didn’t make sense and seemed so limited.

We were brainstorming for months before we realised what we loved and what we had been travelling to do and what the town lacks.


The town has plenty of Fitness which is awesome but fitness is just one aspect what about wellness? To in tune the mind, invigorate the body and leave you feeling so focused and refresh its ridic. A one-stop place for all your wellness needs.


During this time Matt had been traveling over an hour to a flotation therapy tank, he has been doing this for over a year now. There is no reason why we cant bring this locally so now everyone can feel the benefits of floating. The calmness of the mind, feel the blood run through your veins, recharge, relieve pain, become focused.


I LOVE infrared saunas, I used them comp prep and also time to time here and there again I just hate travelling but afterwards I’d just feel so good I would just glow. There is NO reason why we cant create tranquil themed infrared sauna rooms to help people sweat out toxins, help fight aging and muscle soreness, there is no reason why we can have everyone glowing!


Reformer Pilates was my next big thing. Sure there is clinical for rehab purposes which is great and I love the concept but what about fitness based sessions? Perfect for people who need a low impact for of exercise to help develop long lean muscles. I’ve found it so beneficial since being diagnosed with UC its low impact and so bloody challenging and rewarding. The combination of flexibility, endurance and strength is just da bomb!


Now what about consulting rooms? We need professionals we trust and rely on to help treat our clients at RF and even those non members – a place to go when you don’t know where to go and we all know most doctors are bloody usless – pop a couple nurofen and you’ll fine they say. No we want someone who is truly interested an invested in helping YOU.


Now do you understand where Royale Wellness Studio is heading? It’s a big road a head but I just can’t wait to open those doors to the public.

When we open – it’ll be in sections – firstly we’ll introduce the sauna rooms and float rooms once these are functioning seamlessly we’ll add in more of the goodies mentioned above with the hopes by the end of the year have a full functioning wellness studio – the only place you’ll ever have to go to get your daily does of positives vibes.

Stay tuned, it’s coming and it’s going to be a GAME CHANGER.

Stay Strong & Stretch,