Week 1 Session 1

Started my first 8 week block of training today – I’ve been slack over the last X months with training just dabbling in and out whenever with no set programming just going into the gym and semi knowing what I want to do – which is terrible for progressing or improving in anything really!

SO I sat down last Fri-YAY and wrote out 8 weeks of programming as follows

TUESDAY: Lower Focus *strength dead lift
THURSDAY: Upper Focus *strength bench press
SATURDAY: Full body funday *anything extra I want to work on

After every session I’ll be blogging about it – yes to give all ya’ll info but to help keep me accountable and also record how I went and how I felt so here it goes.

SESSION #1 17.5.16

Kettlebell Swing
Band Walk – love the way these fire my glutes!
Hip Thrusters

The swings felt tough – I was already hesitating the whole session.

1RM Trap Bar Dead

Warmed up with reps of 5 then 3 then 1 – I was feeling really good once warmed up, deadlifting has never been my strong point but in saying that I haven’t deadlifted properly in months – I’ll add them in occasionally but more sumo stance to target my glutes.

I hit 85kg feeling strong – 95kg was a little tougher but still feeling okay – 105kg (which I’ve lifted before 2 months prior) just wouldn’t f*cking move. I attempted maybe 5 times before I completely cracked it and gave up recording my 1RM as a disappointing 95kg.

(Those girls that train with me will feel my pain on this one when the bar just won’t bloody move!)

4 sets-
Lunges 8/8 (increase weight each set 20kg, 30kg, 40kg, 50kg)
Band Lat Pull Down x10 (Red Band)

I LOVE lunging they are my favvvvv lower body strength exercise over DL and squats EASYYYY – 50kg for 8 reps felt easy, I mean by the 8th rep I was gassed but I got through it. Left leg forward felt easier then right leg forward.

The lunging lifted my mood a little after the mother f*cking dead lifts.

This is where I trick myself into doing #hardio by making it strength based

10x10m sled pushes @ 130kg

I did 5. For my first proper sesh back I’m just happy I even attempted the finisher!


Legs are feeling tired and it felt good to sweat – bring on the next 8 weeks

124 days until the wedding

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X