Week 5 Session 2

Feeling A LOT better today funny what a good sleep can do.

Can’t believe it’s Thursday again and 3 months until the wedding – time flies when you’re having fun!

Thursday means upper body day again – love upper body work I find ti more challenging yet more rewarding then lower body…

3×12 @ 30kg

Surpassingly got through 12 reps with ease – I’m feeling so much more stronger on my bench and it’s getting me excited to re-test in a few weeks!

3/3 single arm KB clean and press
Set 1: 16kg
Set2: 20kg
Set 3: attempted the 24kg got it up twice on my right arm didn’t even attempt it on my left!

24kg each hand (48kg) farmers carry x1 minute x2

Hanging leg raises x5 – playing around with different variations.

15 minute boxing combo finisher with Matt – LOVED this he has all the good combos and sure beats punching a bag.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X