Week 1 Session 2

Before I begin just as a FYI my ass and inner thighs are sore – I feel like I’m waddling instead of walking and every time I go to sit on the toilet (which is a lot atm as I’m increasing water intake) I instantly regret the heavy lunges and just keep reminding myself of #datass I will get!!!

Today time ran away from me so I went into work early (4:45pm) to get my session done before my heartcore girls arrived at 5:30pm – I also needed a spot so my lovely soon-t0-be hubby came in with me.

Thursday UPPER:

Warm up – some basic should mobility stuff

STRENGTH: 1RM Bench Press

Last time I did these was when I also did my 1RM dead lift so after Tuesdays result I was nervous – yet super energetic (Thank you caffeine!)

Warmed at bar weight (20kg) feeling strong but also knowing the bar is light!

Went up to 30kg next set for 3 reps still feeling gewddddd.

Increased straight to 40kg which was my old 1RM and crushed it was ease (what a relief)

Then to 50kg – I was nervous!!! But did it – tried to increase again to 55kg and just couldn’t get it out.

Once I pumped out 50kg Matt gave me some tech stuff to work on so I ended up doing x3 rounds @ 50kg which I’m chuffed about.

SO overall strength today was a WIN!! (Thank god because ya’ll know I hate bloody loosing!)

x15 Band pull apart (to work on posture and sexy back)
x10 overhead presses (8kg in each hand) (two words – sexy shoulders)
x10 kb row each arm (12kg) (same reason as pull apart)

I love arms could do them cllllll day errrrday…..

FINISHER – That dreaded trick yourself into cardio moment – ehhhhhhhhhhh

20:10×8 Battlerope

Meaning 20seconds on 10seconds off x8 times on the battle rope.

I couldn’t see the timer from where I was so I did x50 reps on the rope every round and counted to 10 in-between andddddd I FINISHED ALL 8 ROUNDS (pause to high five person next to you!)

I still felt like I had a bit of gas in the tank (maybe should of gone harder on ropes? or maybe caffeine is amazing?) so I practiced handstands and pull ups until my girls got there.

By my 6:30pm session the caffeine had well and truly warn off and the 1RM had gotten to me – I was hungry and muddling up words more then usual for a Thursday afternoon!

BOOM week 1 done which was more of a testing week to see where I’m at now to get better, stronger and leaners – Also huge feedback for my 4 week H&FP and positions are full stay tuned for next months release 🙂

Stay strong & Stretch,
Tel X