Week 1 Session 3

Saturdays – these sessions will never be planned – these are more ‘extras’ I feel like doing just to keep my body moving but before I get onto what I did lets rewind to Fri-yay.

I painted from about 3pm-7:30pm – I was sure my right shoulder was way more jacked then my left by the end and I was exhausted #renolyf – for those of you who don’t know running a business + planning a wedding + renovating a house = busy.

Anywho Saturday came and I had a fair amount more painting that needed to be done so I was going to push my training back… (aka probably wasn’t going to go)

Luckily one of my homegirls Tarls message me asking if I was training and it got my ass down to RF.

Together we did ass activation, abs and back – all my favs!

x3 sets of band walks to fire glutes roughly 30 steps one way and 30 steps back = 1 set

ABS: Goal obliques baby!
x3 sets
x10 16kg standing side dips (L)
x15 side plank dips (R arm on floor)
Repeat on the other side

THEN: Goal low abs/full core
x3 sets
x10 front leg raises
x10 side leg raises (L)
x10 side leg raised (R)
(All holding onto the matrix)
x1 minute weighted plank (10kg) – longest minute of my life.

x3 sets
x15 band pull aparts
x15 shoulder raises (2.5kg in each hand)
x15 lat pull downs

And BOOM done for the day!

Shoutout to Tarls for getting my ass down there you da bomb!!

Now back to my gigantic hallway 😦

Stay Strong & Stretch,