Week 3 Session 1

I’m feeling good today – considering I was out drinking for a friends birthday over the weekend – it had been a while since I had been as useless as I was on Scunday #human

This is why I’m finding I’m hitting every session – being on a Tuesday and Thursday I get Monday to focus more on business/work – many have to remember you need to fit in what works around your life or it isn’t going to happen – you cannot force motivation.

If you’re not a morning person well you won’t train as good as what you would if you were to train in the afternoon – same goes you aren’t a Monday person you won’t train as hard as you would on a Tuesday (hand goes up for all of those comments)

If you are an ‘don’t want to train any day person’ then pull your finger out stop bitching about not being where you want to be and get it done!

Todays sesh – I hit the gym with Matt and because he had a fair amount to do I was able to get pretty much all of Tuesdays and Thursdays sessions done!

It went a lil something like this:

x3 sets of
x5 trap bar dead lift @ 75% (I did 75kg)
super set with
x2 sled push @ 100kg (ohhh my quad)

Being on my monthly I tend to get a sore back – this didn’t help when deadlifting it sucked! Glad it was only 3 sets!

build to heavy x5 front bar squat (build to 40kg)
super set with 6/6 lunges with 16kg
I ended up doing 4 sets of this.

x3 sets of
x5 bench press @ 75% (37.5kg)
super set with
x10 band bi curls

Then after all that did some yoga arm balances to practice some new moves and climbed the rope for shits and gigs really!

So Thursday I’ll do my core work and pump up arm work that I didn’t get done today….

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X