Week 4 Session 1

I’m finding when I train with someone I train A LOT better – I’ve been training with Matt we aren’t even doing the same shiz but just having him around makes me try a little harder – training solo sucks!!

Anywho – week 4 already?!?! Thats crazy – just can’t deal with how fast each week is going 3 months and 1 week until the wedding but I’ll be flying out to bali in exactly 3 months and coming home as Mrs Prince- Even MORE crazy!

I’m loving my programming thus far – I was smart about it and didn’t go balls deep (thats such a gross saying sorry!) in cardio because I just know I wouldn’t stick to it – rather just add small finishers I can add on over time.

My Ass is sore today from Tuesday and it’s a great feeling lol.

STRENGTH: Trap Bar Deadlift
build to 80% (76kg)
Once at 80% complete 4×6
Originally it was 2 sets of 6 but that felt a little to easy the 4 sets was defs more challenging.

60kg sumo straight bar dead lifts
Again I originally had this planned as sumo squats but my groin has been feeing a little off so opted for deadlifts so I didn’t strain anything – still with the focus on ass – if you have trouble firing glutes in normal strength movements choose more of a sum0/wider stance to help engage #datass

x5 rounds:
x20 double unders (I jump once rope goes under twice) if I stuffed up I had to start back at one.
x10 reverse burpees on the bosu ball
30 seconds rest – letting me heart rate go down allows me to give it my all in the next round rather then staying on a constant level – also burns more calories.

I’ve found since I started consistently training that my sugar craving have lowered I’ve only eaten one block of chocolate this week and it wasn’t even in one sitting – didn’t even eat any on my birthday!

For y’all chocoholics out there you realise how big of a deal that it!!

Overall I’m feeling goooooood bring on being a bali bride and todays upper body session!!!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X