Week 5 Session 1

5 solid weeks of training and I’m feeling really bloody good – well mentally anyways I was sick from Sunday-Wednesday so this tuesday session was slightly half arsed but I still got to the gym and did a bit!!!

60% Trap bar dead lift – because the bar is 25kg alone I added 20kgs to the end making the total weight 65kg as opposed to the 57kgs it was suppose to be BTW 12 reps is  A LOT at this weight!
super set with 6/6 KB Row @ 16kg

This is what was suppose to happen:
BB lunges 3×10/10 @40-50kg
SS with weighted 1 minute planks

What ACTUALLY happened:
BB lunges 2×5/5 @40kg
SS with x10 leg raises

Then my finisher was suppose to be a run – I got side tracked and ended up emailing my wedding planner.

I then went home and slept like a sloth I was so fatigued – god damn colds!