Week 6 Session 2

Another heavy session today!

3RM Bench Press.

Warmed up as usual with some bands/push ups/ mobility and then got straight to it – I was cutting it fine for time as I usually do on a Thursday.

85% 1RM OR 3RM 85%= 42.5

I know I was aiming around this mark and I didn’t have a spotter which makes benching heavy hard (for obvious reasons)

I hit 40 for 3 and it felt good – not light but good!

Hit 45 with a bit more of struggle and I think I could of gone up to 47kg but with no spotter I was happy to leave it!

Single Arm Clean & Press 3/3
Set 1: 16kg
Set 2: 20kg
Set 3: 24kg – could only get x2 out on the Right and I guess you could say half of one on the Left.

Followed by heavy farmers carries x5 (x2 24kg kettle bells)

Some rope climbers

And finished the session off with some yoga arm balances.

Love heavy work – at time it can’t frustrating at hell but I DO love it!

Stay Strong and Stretch,
Tel X