Week 7 Session 1

No joke I’m sick again…
Thats 3 times in a month and it’s a bit ridic – so feeling super flat on Tuesdays sessions so I did minimal and went home to bed.

I also saw Nat the Naturopath who gave me some herbs to boost my immune system and clear up my throat and nose.

I feel like it’s just going around this winter – it also doesn’t help when clients come sick because they want to ‘sweat it out’ naughty!!!

3×1 @ 90% (working off 95kg = 85.5kg or working off what I did last week 100kg= 90kg)

I opted to work off my new 1RM with the aim to hit my old 1RM (95kg)

I hit it – the last rep was pretty rough but I hit it – considering I was feeling like shit I a mixture of happy/tired/pissed out – not quite sure why I was pissed but  remember I was.

AB’S for the rest of the sessions then sleepy time for me.

It was supposed to be a distance run of 5km.

Stay Strong and Stretch,
Tel X