What I’m wearing

When it comes to activewear you could say I’m a little addicted, I mean it’s my job right?!

This page will be dedicated to my all my fav girls like Lorna, Lulu & have you heard our homegirl Queen Bey is coming out with an activewear range ‘Ivy Park’.

After years of living in active wear I’ve got the combo’s DOWN PAT of my flavour favs in each category….

CROPS: Lorna Jane takes the cake for this – Some girls are shoe crazy I’m crop crazy! The different colours and designs are unreal and I feel it’s my duty to have them all – how ever many Matt thinks I have times that number by 5 and thats the actual amount. (Don’t tell him of course!)

SHOES: Nikes – typical I know but I just can’t go past a good pair of Nikes, even way back when I was in primary school I remember rocking Nikes and I just guess old habits die hard!

LEGGINGS: Lululemon have combined style, comfort & just bloody awesomeness – they last forever so even tho you’re forking out $150-$200 per pair you’ll get roughly a gazillion wears out of them. Styles are constantly changing so suckers like me want them and well I love those side pockets most of them have perfect for holding my phone & keys while walking. They feel awesome on and the high waist band makes you feel supported and holds everything together nicely (no cracks here!) BONUS POINTS: They have a material dog hair doesn’t stick too – this is a huge win for me with 2 oooober fluffy white dogs.

SHORTS: It’s a close call between Lulu’s and Lorna’s – I love how Lorna has the ‘under legging’ (not really sure what it’s actually called) to keep you feeling tight and covered – especially in low squat or down dog – they have a tone of styles and are considerably cheap. On the other hand Lulu’s are super comfy, never ride up and have genius pockets hidden all over them – slightly more expensive but totes worth it!

TOPS/SINGLETS: To be honest I never really buy tops – we have Royale Fitness singlets in a range of colours and styles which I pretty much live in.

JACKETS/JUMPERS/HOODIES: Sh*t man when I’m cold, I’m a sook! So jumpers that are nice and fleecy are what I’m looking for – Lorna & Adidas are my go too’s in this category – they stay warm and fleecy, they don’t shrink and they never out date – I still wear styles I bought like 4-5 years ago! #winning