Trying something new as we speak – eating dinner at 5:45pm – being a PT my hours are the complete opposite to normal peoples – I finish most nights at 8:30pm and eat at 9pm.

By 12pm I’ve usually woken 2 times to go to the toilet. The nights have been bad at the moment and by the time my 5:07am alarm goes off I’ve woken around 5 times to use the bathroom – the lack of sleep is really starting to take a toll on me. I’m super fatigued.

So this little experiment could go totally wrong… it usually takes a couple hours for any ‘issues’ to start – if that happens tonight I’ll be at work.

Which won’t end well for anyone….

MY theory is I’m not just eating then sleeping. I’m eating and moving around (hopefully) allowing my body to digest the foods a little better.

Dinner is chicken breast, peas, broc, rice and garlic & soy for taste. Simple boring and fingers crossed effective!

I’m trying to stay positive I really am – it’s just really hard when you’re either running off lack of sleep or running to the toilet.

Today marks a milestone 100 days of diarrhoea – F*ck – can you even comprehend that? I hardly can and it’s my own body!