2017 The Year Dedicated To Not Shitting Myself…


Another year is almost over.

Can you really believe that?? HOW?!?!

Matt had us in our staff meeting write down everything we have achieved this year.

I honestly felt like I had done nothing….

Don’t you feel the same?? What a wasted year – I started thinking to myself – If I had of started this I could be here, or if I had of done that I could be here….

“Tel – Are you writing or daydreaming?” Matt catches me off guard – totally daydreaming….

Any who back to writing – where do I start?!?! I’ve done NOTHING!!!!

For a moment I feel kind of down – I NEVER do nothing I guess the best place to start is Jan…

(JAN) All I remember is starting the year a newly wed and extremely sick…. My bowel disease Ulcerative Colitis was at its worse – I wasn’t sleeping, I had no energy and I was not my self. I was running to the loo 15-20 times a day. It was affecting my life dramatically – coaching was hard, training was harder. Social life became limited because I didn’t want to risk being toiletless. The relationship I had with Matt suffered I was depressing – never wanted to go anywhere or do anything just sleep.

I really didn’t know how bad it was until I look back now…. I don’t know how I coped at all.

(Dr Relf and his laser acupuncture have worked wonders for my UC – I now live a somewhat normal life – don’t get me wrong I’m far from ‘fixed’ but god I’m happy to say I’m finishing the year finally feeling like my motivated self again.)

This was the first thing I thought of when he told us to write about our year.

(JAN-APRIL) Dot point number two was Royale Wellness Studio. Yup between naps and shitting 24/7 Matt & I managed to set up a new sister business to Royale Fitness – it was hard work – but we love a challenge – Royale Wellness Studio has x2 Infrared Saunas and a Floatation Therapy Pod, we also have an Osteo in the front room plus two absolutely beautiful receptionist/PA’s Malree & Steph which have made our lives so much easier! The studio compliments the gym and follows everything we believe in. I LOVE that whenever Matt and I get an idea we just follow through and bloody do it! (Always with a ridic deadline and a lot of redbull!)

(APRIL) Did a refresher in my Pilates mat series course and also did my Pilates reformer qualifications. Lots of people have asked me about reformers and I LOVE them – but I don’t LOVE teaching them, mat series is my jam and I absolutely LOVE it. Floor work pilates is for EVERYONE and can be done anywhere. Doing these courses is the best way to learn what you do and do not like – it keeps my programs fresh and keeps the old brain ticking! Knowledge is key and if you are the smartest person in the room – you are in the wrong room!

(APRIL) Decided last minute to go to LA with Matt – he was already heading over on the Saturday I decided on the Tuesday I was also going to go with him!! Venice Beach, the stars home tours, the Hollywood sign, cruising up to Malibu, watching the NBA play offs and shitting myself after breakfast burritos in white jeans – was defs a trip to remember!

(JUNE) I bought my first car – I know 27 years old and has never had to buy a car, DW I defs made up for it with my new wheels. I’m not a car person but I tell you I feel pretty damn cool driving around in my benz!

(JULY) By this point I was starting to feel energized again. Slowly getting my mojo back – I started training with Ashby. We work together but we never really trained together – she trains early morning and I just wasn’t doing early mornings, as I’d usually be up a lot of the night with an upset stomach. So as my tummy settled I got to become more consistent and found a new training partner and a bloody good friend! Training from December 2016-July 2017 was not a priority at this point – I was lucky to train once a week if that – the energy I had went into the Studio and my Tribe at RF.

(JULY) Held a Mid Year Party for Royale Fitness – it was 80’s workout theme and man was it fun!!!! Had such a good night dancing in my active wear. Just when you think you couldn’t love your second home any more you hold an event like this and it just bring you all closer.

(SEPTEMBER) One year married – time is going so quick. We spent our one year wedding anniversary in EGYPT!!! I know!!! How amazing – it was truly breathtaking. I HIGHLY recommend people to go – it isn’t scary like portrayed at all. Memphis Tours is whom we did ours with. – again I highly recommend them. After Egypt we spent a week on the Greek islands – Santorini and Mykonos. Sun. Cocktails. Food. BIG Bucket list goal ticked off!!!!

(OCT) We got a quote to renovate our kitchen (YAY!!!) walls are removed for where it has to go and the ball is finallllly rolling – should be in Australia Day! Reno’s are slowly getting there not much left to do on the inside then the outside will start!! We also decided to become apart of a mentorship program to learn more about property investing and add to our property portfolio. Now realestate.com is homework – no complaints here!

(DEC) My training is consistent. Hitting 4-5 sessions a week. I’m finding the more consistent and motivated I am the more my girls are. Man are they strong. I’m so SO proud of the effort each one of them is putting in. I look forward to going into RF every night and I leave feeling so blessed for my life. #telstribe SOOOO pumped for the new year helping each of the strive towards new goals.


-Setting up a new business.
-Travelling overseas twice.
-Creating lean, STRONG, badasses.
-Buying my first car.
-Overcoming/managing a bowel disease.
-Renovating a house.

Maybe I did do a bit….

If I hadn’t of done this exercise I would have honestly continued to think that 2017 was a year dedicated to trying not to shit myself in public.

Our brains for some silly reason are attracted to the negatives in life – I guess because these are the things that hurt you and stand out the most.

WE are ALWAYS our own worse enemy.

So are you feeling like 2017 wasn’t your year? Feeling like you didn’t hit targets you wanted to? Did you go through pain? Was it all just a load of shit?

I bet you answered YES to at least one of those questions.

If you did I want you to sit down and write out what you achieved this year.

Yes, all the shitty things you might of had to of gone through (that’s life baby!) but also focus in on those parts that made you feeling really fucking good.

Those little wins.

You may have cut bad relationships but I bet you also made even better ones.

Celebrate the wins – acknowledge your successes and be proud of the person you are.

Let it motivate you to aim high in 2018.

Fucking OATH!!!!! Cheers to 2017 thanks for the experiences, the lessons and the relationships I’ve gained – 2018 watch out because I’m ready to fuck you up.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Fit Gal’s Ultimate Christmas List…

Dry Shampoo – We like you all think our hair is clean, when we really haven’t washed it in almost 4 days – we don’t see the point when we know its only going to get sweaty again.

ActiveWear – You may think we have enough activewear….. but we don’t! If it starts with ‘L’ you get brownie points…. ** cough ** Lululemon ** cough, cough ** Lorna Jane.

Runners – These are a tough personal selection so why not leave the selecting up to us and opt for a foot locker or rebel voucher so we don’t end up with god knows what, which we’ll be forced to wear only because we love you to much to tell you.

Bobby pins and Hair Ties – There is nothing worse then feeling your rats tail hanging in the breeze with no bobby pin to secure that sh*t up – and if we break a hair tie – it’ll be our last hair tie and it’ll be mid training session, sure other girls will have spares but we are better off asking for their blood.

Laser Hair Removal Voucher – Shaving is so pre-training days & we are sick of getting caught with our arms up and a 5 o’clock shadow, plus knowing you are hairless give you one less thing to worry about while doing yoga in little shorties.

Socks – as ridiculous as this sounds socks are a necessity – Why? a) You don’t realise how expensive they are until you move out of home and mum stops buying them and b) One always seems to go missing?!

If you think you are being cute by buying us a 5kg kettlebell we are more then likely going to knock you over the head with it, b*tch please.

Peanut Butter – I don’t know there is something about peanut butter and fitness that just go hand in hand. Actually there is something about peanut butter and EVERYTHING that go hand in hand.

Massage Voucher – If you aren’t willing to massage our sore, aching, tired muscles that’s fine leave it to a professional – 1 hour full body please & thank you!

And if none of those tickle your fancy we are ALWAYS keen for a puppy.

Girls, share this & save your partner from buying you a crap present this year.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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