First comes love, second comes marriage, third comes a European trip in the business class carriage…

We have all heard the saying…..

‘First comes love, second comes marriage, and third comes a baby in the carriage’….

Well, according to these set in stone guidelines and as people keep reminding me I’m up to a ‘baby in a carriage’….

But before we get to that lets rewind a little bit say when you’re in high school.

You image what the rest of your life will be like – ya’ know the usual – go to uni until you’re 18- 24 years old – meet the man of your dreams somewhere in that time– stop following your dreams – fall in love – settle down – get married at 25 – have a baby straight away – be a mum….

That’s what destiny has for us.

This is what we are brought up to know.

That’s what society says we should do.

And that’s where we run into a problem.

It’s all a crock of crap.

We need to stop feeding this stereotype because as soon as we don’t follow this order we instantly get judged.

OMG – they are having a baby before marriage – it MUST have been an accident.

OMG – I can’t believe she’s already back at work after giving birth. She obviously doesn’t love her family enough.

OMG – they only have one child? Why haven’t they had another one? Must be having marriage issues.

OR what I have been copping recently and straight after the wedding ‘So when are you going to have a baby?’

Like, because I’m married now my vagina is open game for conversation.

Sorry I didn’t realised my sex life was on the table for discussion…

Luckily I’m an open book so while we are at it would you also like to know when I’m ovulating and wether I’m on top while having sex?

What if I’m actually trying to conceive and I’m having problems like so many women are?

What if I’ve fallen pregnant and I lost the baby in the early days like so many women have?

What if every time you ask I cringe inside because I don’t want kids like so many women do?


We live in a modern day society where females are now working just as hard as the men, they are now encouraged to follow their dreams and live their own life not just used as a baby-making machine.

Which I think is fan-fucking-tastic.

And that’s the way I live by – I want to live MY life to the fullest. If I had of had a baby straight after getting married I wouldn’t have been able to finish the renovations to my house, I wouldn’t have been able to go business class, I wouldn’t have been able to go o/s whenever I wanted, I wouldn’t have been able to work on my business. I’m not saying I’ll never have a baby I’m saying I’ll do it when I’M ready not when society thinks I’m of age and ready to.

Some people may call this selfish but I don’t give AF. You get one life and I will live it how I want to – as should you….

Want to have a baby pre marriage? Good for you GF – hell never get married – they are expensive AND stressful.

Want to get married and settle down with a baby straight away? Fuck yeah go ahead, you’ll be a great mum!

Want to travel the world and follow your dreams? Yassss girl I feel you!!!

Whichever way you want to live your life is totally fine – do not let ignorant people make you feel shitty for your life decisions AND don’t judge others how they choose to live THEIR life because you don’t know their circumstances. 

Now excuse me while I go book another European adventure and enjoy my sleep in tomorrow….

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

4 Months out MY Wedding routine

Some soon-to-be brides like to pre-pamper themselves leading the big day others don’t give a f*ck.

I thought I’d be one of the IDGAF brides and I’ve soon discovered well, I’m not!

So 4 months until the big day so what else have I done besides spend a lot of money?

#1 Naturopath: You all read about my visit to Nat the Naturopath in my last post..

Nat’s put me on:

Metagenics Lymphatox: This is a lymph node detox – to clear all the build up of crap in my body basically.

BioCeuticals Ultra Muscleze (Magnsium): To help stress, improve sleep, muscle soreness, cramping – what doesn’t magnesium do!!!

BioCeuticals Alpha EFA: My body is really dry – drier then it should be for a 25 year old who drinks 2-3L of water a day. So this is an indication my cells may not be holding fluid – like a dried up sultana really! These will help blood circulation and improve my skin.

I’m also taking:

7.2 Greens powder or caps: To compliment my green leafy veggie intake – I always just feel good after a greens drink knowing I’m getting in some more nutrients.

#2 Oxy Facials: Cailin from CAS beauty is my homegirl on this one – Using Intrceuticals.

Oxygen facial is a treatment used to infuse serums rich in vitamins and antioxidants deep into the skin – it’ll hydrate, plump and rid any fine lines.

One oxygen facial a month for now but this will be amped up leading into the wedding – so stay tuned.

#3 Skin Check: One of my lovely besties works at a day spa – Indera – in which a Dr comes out once a month to do skin checks and mole removal – I thought pre wedding would be a good time because a) Matt told me I have to, b) its been 10 years since I’ve last had them checked and c) if anything needs removing it has 4 months to heal. (I get this done tomorrow and I’m slightly nervous!)

#4 Water Intake: I was slack with this the last couple of months – only getting 2L average in a day – seems like a lot to some but I usually get in minimum 3L *stops to take skull water…. I find having pop top lids helps a ridiculous amount as does needing to get in my magnesium (which is a powder mixed with water) so I’m now back averaging 3L minimum a day.

#5 Pintrest: If you are getting married and haven’t discovered this yet – you’re welcome. Mate you don’t even need to be getting married – renovations, recipes, kids rooms, cocktails – you name it Pintrest has it. If my actual wedding turns out half as good as my Pintrest album it’s going to be bloody brilliant!

#6 Training routine: 3 times a week – main focuses on posture and staying lean by doing x1 lower body sesh, x1 upper body sesh and x1 full body sesh – each with strength focus, core and yoga at the end – maybe a little #hardio if I don’t talk myself out of it! One piece of advice here brides to be – DO PILATES AND LIFT HEAVY.

#7 Eating: Yeah this hasn’t change much yet – I was due for my period yesterday and ate 3 Freddo’s (one after breakfast, lunch then dinner) I also had a bag of Malteasers for lunch on Sunday – Judge me I don’t care. When I’m on I’m on but for now I’m wallowing in self-pity. #human

Things I’ve discovered about weddings:

-Destination Weddings aren’t cheap like they are made out to be.

-Whatever you want tell Matt it cost 50% of that price and buy it anyways.

-I’m already getting upset that Bane and Austin can’t come.

-People are opinionated and unfiltered when it comes to weddings – never take it to heart!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

How to avoid a holiday BLOW out!

I know you’ve at some point been eating really well & training super hard for an up coming holiday – makes sense – if you’re anything like me you’ll going to some tropical, hot location which means you’ll be in a bikini almost daily and if you’re not in a bikini it’s minimal clothes to get you through the 40 degree heat & you want to be looking fabulous, lean & toned!


But what happens when you work so bloody hard and are looking only to start eating absolute crap from the moment you get into the car on THE WAY to your holiday destination – your hard work won’t automatically go completely down the drain but you will bloat & feel pretty puffy when that bikini comes out – let alone 3 days into your holiday when it’s all about food & cocktails with the occasional movement when you need to rotate from tanning front to back…

Some handy tips I have for keeping me lean whilst still downing a sex on the beach:

FASTING – So if you’re a huge breaky lover this already sounds daunting I know! But you have two options – late dinner late breaky/brunch OR early dinner early breaky – fasting (not eating for a prolonged period of time 12-16 hours) gives your digestive system a chance to catch up on all the crap you’ve been shoveling in, will leave you feeling flatter, more energetic & you’ll actually be hungry for lunch!

BLACK COFFEE – So traveling o/s can leave you constipated (ew poo) by starting your day with a black coffee it helps combat any toilet troubles. *ovbs avoid if you have the opposite issue!

SWEAT – Get a sweat on daily – includes dancing of course..

WALK – To the beach, to the cafe – where ever it is walk!

GREEN CAPS – It’s likely you won’t eat as many veggies as you usually do when you’re on holidays so I find a travel friendly greens supp such as 7.2 Greens Caps is an easy way to get my daily nutrients in.

NO CRAP TAKE AWAY – You’re in a wonderful location with beautiful local dishes & you eat Maccas!!? WHY?!? Try and eat as the locals eat.

BIGGER MAINS LESS SNACKING – Pretty self explanatory eat bigger main meals wity entrees if you please and then don’t snack between.
BE ADVENTUROUS – I’m AWLAYS down for lounging by the pool (currently what I’m doing) it’s great to mix things up by adding in some activities such as stand up paddle boarding, sublogger-image-1320949969rfing, swimming & hiking just to name a few!

So there you have it easy to follow tips to help you keep that holiday blow out away – now bring on the #bikiniselfies

Stay Strong & Stretch,Tel x

PS – Sex on the beach is a cocktail for anyone worried about what I get up to on the beach!