Week 2 Session 2

I keep leaving Thursdays training session until last minute – I don’t if if I’m just behind all day or put it off – anyways I start work at 5:30pm – I arrived at 5pm with the aim to do as much of my programming as I could and I actually got it all done – funny what can be done when you get yourself a time limit!

5 sets of 3 bench press @ 70% (35kg)
super set with
3/3 heavy clean and press (first set 20kg the rest 16kg) call me a sook but my poor wrist where just coping a beating!

Accessory work:
3 sets of:
30 second 20kg weight plate hold
x10 hanging leg raises

Both to help lats activate more in my bench to stop my arms flaring out and stronger lats will help keep my shoulders pulled back which means better posture (wew!)

x10 chest to floor burped to pull up

yes only 10 – remember this is only my second week and I’m easing into the whole cardio thing!

Boom session done in 20 minutes just before my first group of gals got there 😉