Week 7 Session 2

So the rest of my week was hella cray cray – as you may know I get in for my sessions Tuesdays and Thursdays – Thursday I had too much shit on..


Facial, getting my lashes done and starting work an hour earlier then usual. – completely terrible excuses.

And well Friday was out the door as I got to go in for my first wedding dress fitting (YAY!)

Last time I tried on my dress was around November last year – when I wasn’t consistent in training so I thought it would be an interesting to see how my body fitted in my dress.

I’ve practically done all strength training – minimal hardio.

One would naturally assume I’m going to bulk up – my dress says other wise.

It fit like a glove with curves in all the right places. Not to blow my own whistle but damn my ass looked good!

ZERO ‘bulk’ in sight.

Anywho I celebrated with a burrito and a donut and well then Saturday came and went so Sunday I got my ass to the gym ready to lift shit!

Again heavy week before my up coming de-load week.

3×1 @90% (45kg)
I had my spot (my darling Matt)
Was feeling awesome and ended up doing 3 sets @ 50kg (my old 1RM) was super happy with it as the weight didn’t feel overly hard – just makes me keen as a bean to re-test!!!

ACCESSORY: x3 sets:
10/10 16kg KB row
x15 Pull aparts
x15 leg raises

x3 sets of over head carries
set 1: 16kg x 40m (estimating that distance)
set 2: 20kg x 40m
set 3: double hand 16kg x 40m

Finisher: x 5 rounds:
x20 battle rope slams
x10/10 weight plate shoulder combos (varied from raises to tri’s every set was different)

Stretched and felt awesome ready to take on my Sunday – Training sundays are GREAT!!!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X