Week 2 Session 1

I had to train in leggings last week because I hadn’t waxed my legs yet so I was already winning with the fact I got to wear shorts to train. I hate training in legging winter or not!

WARM UP: Jog around the gym using high knees/bum kicks/shuttle sprints ect. until I was warm enough to take my puffer jacket off.

STRENGTH: Trap bar deadlift
Build to 70% (66.5kg)
Then 5 sets of 3 deadlifts super set with x5 broad jumps.

I filmed my last set and realised my crop top was off centre down my back so me being the werido OCD freak I am had to do an extra 6th set – with my cropped aligned properly.

TRX lunges into pike – this worked in my head but not in real life so I did the two exercises separately 3 sets x10/10 lunges on each leg x10 pikes

Finished with some yoga, single leg pistols and some selfies of course!