Why you can’t shake that FAT.

Let me just lay this on the line for you….

You want to no why you have excess fat that you can’t get rid of even though you have tried ‘everything’?

Lets start by eliminating the people you like to blame first and narrow it down.

-It is not your mum’s fault you are fat, if you live at home I bet you’re fussy as hell with your mums cooking but more then happy to go through the drive thru on the way home from a binge drinking session every Saturday night.

– It is not your kids fault you are fat, you decide what goes into their mouth and just because they don’t eat it doesn’t mean you need to.

-It is not your partners fault you are fat, you might have shared accounts, children, pets and all that jazz but believe it or not your stomachs are actually two completely different entities and just because your partner likes dessert every night doesn’t mean you do! ***MIND BLOWN***

-It is not your jobs fault you are fat, people like to bring in delicious foods – I get that – but at what point was it your job to eat it? I don’t think that was apart of your contract?

-It is not your trainers fault you are fat, mate I’m here to help y’all out but just because you have a membership doesn’t mean you’ll instantly get a killah rig – it is called hard work and actually implementing advice given not missing sessions because it is too wet, too cold, too early, I’m sick, my sisters friends dogs brothers cousin is over. (I’ve heard it all.)

-It is not your friends fault you are fat, hanging with friends is something a lot of us don’t do enough – yet it doesn’t mean when we do get to hang with our gal pals that it needs to be revolved around food, brunch, lunch, snack whatever you call the thing where you wear yoga pants and drink lattes whilst downing giant bowls of muesli, sourdough and smashed avo.

Well I guess that narrows it down a little – if you haven’t figured it out by now it is actually YOUR fault.

You want to change? Good, AWESOME! Do it, but don’t be the person that starts every Monday and then comes up with stupid reasons as to why you can’t do it because bluntly this type of person will never change. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING if you commit yourself fully – So stop making excuses and start seeking results.
START by writing down WHY you want to change – if you have no purpose you have no motivation and no intent and will fail…again.

PLAN your attack – Source out the information you NEED to change – your trainer is a ball full of useful info in this aspect!

TELL everyone about what you’re doing – this will 110% hold you accountable for your actions, trust me your work colleagues will be more then happy to point out and say ‘should you be eating that?’

Set GOALS it may be as simple as hit x2 training session a week and have only x1 cheat meal for a month – small achievable goals will lead you to BIG successes.

Change WON’T happen over night – don’t give up because you don’t see results after a day – these things take weeks and months – it is important to track your progress perhaps via a calendar, before/after photos or measurements and even by how your clothes feel.

Know it is HARD work, if it was easy we would all be walking around looking like super models – you’ll have stressful days and weak moments but remember why you started – pick yourself up and keep going!

If you are looking for that kick up the arse HERE IT IS – GO OUT AND GET IT!!!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Ain’t No F*cking ‘GIRL BOSS’


I’m done.

Before I start as usual my sh*t may offend you and that’s fine – perhaps stop reading my sh*t?

I’ve been to airports A LOT of them, multiple times. Without hesitation I will always find myself in the bookshops, I enjoy floating around to see what’s out there and usually end up in the business section, I LOVE business and motivation books they really get me pumped and motivated about life – especially ones about mindset and marketing.

Okay Tel you read and enjoy business books – applause for you – how is this offensive?

Well wait for it…..

Every single time I look for a business book written by a FEMALE the titles are always something along the lines of ‘girl boss’ or have the phases ‘girl, she, women’ in the titles along with a tacky photo of a high heels or pink everywhere.

I F*cking hate it.


I HATE the saying ‘GIRL BOSS’ – Matt actually calls me this simply to get a reaction out of me because he knows how much I can’t stand it!

Uhhhh thinking about it makes me cringe.

Okay before you get your pretty little knickers in a twist let me explain…

I get what the title ‘Girl Boss’ is trying to say – you’re a strong independent women – I get it. We all want to relate to it and use it to empower us and if you are one of those women then that’s bloody great I hope you do succeed and kick life’s ass.

But imagine if we started calling men in business ‘Boy Boss’ – how bloody ridiculous does that sound?

To me, females labelling themselves as ‘Girl Boss’ are only demoralising themselves.

If you’re the boss you are the goddamn boss – why does it matter if you’re female or not? Why must females have to label the fact that they are a female boss? Not just simply the BOSS?

Same as when females are writing a business book why do we feel the need to state our gender in the title or cover it with pink headings and glitter?

Why can’t we simply have a kickarse heading that has nothing to do with our gender?

I think women in business are amazing – I am a woman in business but I refuse to down grade myself to be separate from a man.

I’m not a ‘girl boss’ I’m simply a ‘BOSS’.

Stop down playing your role.

Wake up and kick arse – not because you are a girl but because you are a BOSS.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X