Eyes are the window to the soul…

Some may say the see sadness, anger and happiness through the eyes – my recent (and first) visit to a naturopath proved the eyes can say so much more..

I contacted naturopath, Natalie (I’ll attached her business page at the bottom of this post) being 5 months from my wedding date. I wanted to have a consultation to see how my body was functioning and more so to ensure I’m looking vibrant and lustrous on my wedding day….

New to naturopathy Nat explained to me:

“If 5 different people go to the doctors with a headache, the doctor will usually give the same medication to all 5 people to help mask the symptoms…” (chemicals and masking issue)

“If 5 different people came to me with a headache my job is figure out why each of them are getting headaches and naturally treat each person individually as no two people are the same.” (natural and treat problem)

This resinated with me so much – working in pharmacy for over 6 years I saw doctor prescriptions come through on the daily – I also know that they receive benefits for selling certain meds/brands – it was half obvious because they would pump through a certain brand or medication all day for almost every client.

Anyways that’s another rant for another day…..

At the very beginning of the consultation Nat took a photo of my eyes.

“You crave sugar don’t you?” Nat said almost instantly as she looked in my left eye.

Here I am thinking to myself shit I’ve still got chocolate on my face from the freddo I had on the way here….

“Wow, you really crave sugar” As she looked in my right eye.

For anyone that knows me know that I LOVE sugar (chocolates no.1 fan) – The thing was Nat doesn’t know me.

After closely examining the photos of my eyes she was also able to point out certain areas of my pupil and tell me I always have cold hands and feet, I get light headed and that if I have a list of 10 things to do in a day I’ll do 20… Every word that came out of her mouth I was just ‘Yup me, me, me!’

All this from my eyes!!! Don’t you find this fascinating?!

This was literally within the first 15 minutes… what followed was a series of questions about my lifestyle, body and routine.

By answering all questions Nat was able to determined what my body may be missing and was able to recommend practitioner only supplements (meaning they can only be sold by qualified persons no herbalife or isogenix here!!) and now I’m on my way to be the most vibrant looking wifey ever.

Why am I telling you about my experience?

There is just so many rubbish over the counter products out there claiming to do all these wonderful things – we spend countless $$$ on quick fixes with god knows what in them – we trust marketing gurus who have no qualifications and no idea – WHY?!?

Why not save our time and money and seek professional advice?

If you want the best for your body, you have to see the best otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Natalies Facebook Page

Honesty is the best policy….

I haven’t really talked in depth about my food/training much since my fitness comp (which I started prepping for exactly one year ago!)


I don’t really know?

I guess it is because I’m not as obsessed with my food as what I was in that point of time? Looking back now I can easily say I got too addicted and in a more specific term probably encountered a short term ED.

Flashback to mid comp prep and try and tell me I had signs of an ED I would laugh in your face and tell you I’ve got everything under control which was half the problem – I knew every calorie going into my body and if I swayed off my plan I would totally freak out about it and feel guilty, fat and failed.

You’re thinking – yes Chantel I too feel guilty when I demolish a whole pizza BUT it wasn’t like that I remember one night I was so hungry I ate an egg – literally one egg and I felt guilty about it?!?! DA FAQ?!? At the time it seemed so normal.

Roughly 4 weeks post comp I weighed the most I ever have – I weighed 65kg August 1st, I was 55kgs getting on stage and I always floated between 57kg-58kg pre-comp. November 6th I weighed in at 59.9kg and that’s the last time I weighed myself –I can now safety say I don’t give a flying f*ck because I think I look good.

It took me until August/September – so 2-3 months post comp to completely snap out of the mindset I was in.

Why am I talking about this so openly?

Why not?

A lot of females struggle day in and day out with their demons and I think if we were able to talk about it openly it would help so many.

Within the fitness industry there is a very fine line between lifestyle and addiction – I have experience both ends and will happily talk about it so others become aware and don’t make the same mistake I have….. I mean if I cant be honest and open what’s the point of me even blogging?!

-Train 3-4 times a week.
-Eat 80% for your goals 20% for your soul.
-Stop comparing yourself to others.
-Unfollow unhealthy ‘healthy’ social media accounts.
-Praise yourself for fitness goals (such as hitting new PB’s in the gym)
-Complement others not only on looks but on badass fitness goals.(like the ones above)
-Talk openly and honestly.

-High impact training daily – sometimes twice.
-Eating extremely strict with a lot of emphasis on macros and calories restrictions, maybe not eating at all.
-Always putting yourself down and comparing yourself to others.
-Being jealous of others there for be rude to them.
-Pretending like you’ve ‘got this’

Just some things to ponder on from one bad ass women to another….

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Train insane and remain the SAME

If I’m going to sweat, drag my arse out of bed and become sore for up to 3 days I want it to be for a reason – that reason isn’t only to ‘look good’ it is too progress.

When you have been training for years and years – looking good just doesn’t cut it anymore – you become driven to get more specific.

You get to know your body and how it reacts to certain exercises, you start to decipher all the crap and only train for a purpose and specific result.

Take my current training goals for example:
-Improve posture – shoulders
-Build glutes
-Improve squat/lower body strength without building quads
-Get hardio fitness back up (FYI seriously dread this but it needs to be done!)

From these goals I’m able to map out 8 weeks worth of programming.

The first week is to test to see where I’m currently at and record all results (may be through a photo of my current relaxed posture, squat 1RM and a hardio WOD) then weeks 2-7 are for me to work towards the end outcome – the last week, week 8 is for me to re-test all my goals to see where I have improved and where still needs more work.

After the 8 weeks is up I’m able to sit down and re-access my goals to map out another 8 weeks worth of programming depending on where I’m at.

The process repeats.

And this process works.

But Tel I’m training everyday and I have been for months but I’m STILL not getting the results I want.

Well duh.

Either one of 2 things is happening….

1- You’re overtraining – Training everyday is just ridiculous, not necessary and could be the reason you’re not where you want to be – when is your body suppose to rest and recover? 3-4 days is plenty.

Day 1- Lower body
Day 2 – Upper body
Day 3 – Full body
Day 4 – Extra hardio (depending on how keen you are and how much coffee you had that morning)

I personally found the best results when I trained 3-4 times per week (this is coming from someone who use to train everyday, sometimes twice a day!) I know it’s scary to cut days out of your programming but trust me you’ll have more energy and you body will thank you for it!

2- You aren’t eating enough – If you are training hard but aren’t fuelling your body it isn’t going to benefit you. Does a car run without petrol?

Common mistake we make usually revolves around carbs – you heard somewhere that in order to loose weight/tone up you must cut them. Sure cut them and you might drop a few kg’s but as soon as you add them back in prepare for a blow out.

Carbs are energy. So if you have no carbs in your body you will not get any faster, fitter or stronger because you don’t have the energy to do so.

When you train hard and limit food your body doesn’t like it. It gets confused and when you do eat it’ll hold onto whatever it is and store it because it doesn’t know when it’ll be fed next.

By eating healthy balanced diet with carbs, protein and fats you are allowing your body to be fuelled properly – it will no longer need to store foods because it knows it’ll be fed soon and just like I said above you’ll have more energy and you body will thank you for it!

Hopefully those few pointers can lead you in the right direction!

If you need more help with training or food I’m taking on my next group of girls for my 4 Week Health and Fitness Plans starting MAY – Email me chantel.graham18@hotmail.com or comment on this post for more info!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel x

Ditch the Dimples

Cellulite – you probably have it & you probably aren’t that thrilled about it.

This is the part where you wait for me to tell you there is a magic cure – sorry gals – although there is no magic remedy that will completely eliminate cellulite I’ve found a combination of easily accessible and maintainable products that can help significantly reduce those lumps and bumps.

EXFOLIATING GLOVE – Whilst showering have an exfoliating glove handy and get scrubbing in circular motions – I do this 2-3 times a week usually when I exfoliate my face.

BODY BRUSHAfter showering dry your body then grab your body brush and in circular motions brush your body over the cellulite targeted areas. (Usually thighs, toosh, lower tummy.) Check out the ‘Tel Loves’ section for an image of this brush.

COCONUT OIL – Once you’ve body brushed apply coconut oil to the same areas – if you don’t like feeling greasy use the below product. I use coconut oil when I shower before bed let it soak in over night.

NIVEA FIRMING BODY LOTION – So you’ve showered first thing and don’t like feeling greasy this is the product for you. It’s a lotion so absorbs into the skin nicely and I use this over my whole body.

Want MORE??

SQUAT HEAVY – Heavy moments not only burn a sh*t load of calories but they also build muscle and create that plum booty and give it shape.

FASTED CARDIO – When completing low impact cardio on an empty stomach you are using fat as energy – cellulite can be in your genes but its also caused by extra fat cells aka those cheeky donuts you’ve been sneaking in your diet (GUILTY!) so by burning fat you help burn those cells and thus cellulite.

REDUCE SUGAR – Don’t burn off those daily cakes, lollies and chocolates? Well congrats they have just made their way to your ass. Reduce the processed sugar intake and reduce the cellulite – it’s so easy until you get to the chocolate isle.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Out with the old in with the new……

& here it is – re-launched and more fantastic than ever….

I’ve been blogging now for just over a year via blogger. I have moved across some of my more popular post but to view the whole series please check out:


And now stay tuned for so much more fun!!

Stay Strong & Stretch,

Don’t judge me but….

To celebrate my blog having over 24,000 views I thought I’d keep this post a little light hearted by sharing some facts about me….

If you think you’re a weirdo here is 10 interesting facts about me that might make you seem a little less weird….

1 – When main street is busy I never let people in when they are coming out of the KFC drive thru.

2 – I refuse to wash the dishes because the floating bits of grossness make me want to spew.

3 – I haven’t had McDonalds since I went to Europe in 2013.

4 – It gives me anxiety when girls load their barbells with non-matching weight plates.

5 – It also stresses me out when people (Matt) put their feet through to the seats in front of them at the cinemas.

6 – If you chew with your mouth opened around me I’m plotting in my head how to kill you.

7 – I was working in a food van once when someone asked for a kransky so I literally put the kransky in a bag and gave it to them – no bread, no condiments.

8 – Once when I was upset I drove through the car wash and ate a whole block of black forest chocolate in the time it took to clean the car.
9 – I dance around the house all the time – especially when I’m waiting for the microwave or food to cook.
10 – I was super blind (short sighted) but had laser eye surgery in 2011.

Anddd that is was way to easy to type out lol…

I’m coming back twice a week with blogging because I’ve got some killah content to share with you all so stay tuned for Thursday 😛

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

How to avoid a holiday BLOW out!

I know you’ve at some point been eating really well & training super hard for an up coming holiday – makes sense – if you’re anything like me you’ll going to some tropical, hot location which means you’ll be in a bikini almost daily and if you’re not in a bikini it’s minimal clothes to get you through the 40 degree heat & you want to be looking fabulous, lean & toned!


But what happens when you work so bloody hard and are looking phenom.com only to start eating absolute crap from the moment you get into the car on THE WAY to your holiday destination – your hard work won’t automatically go completely down the drain but you will bloat & feel pretty puffy when that bikini comes out – let alone 3 days into your holiday when it’s all about food & cocktails with the occasional movement when you need to rotate from tanning front to back…

Some handy tips I have for keeping me lean whilst still downing a sex on the beach:

FASTING – So if you’re a huge breaky lover this already sounds daunting I know! But you have two options – late dinner late breaky/brunch OR early dinner early breaky – fasting (not eating for a prolonged period of time 12-16 hours) gives your digestive system a chance to catch up on all the crap you’ve been shoveling in, will leave you feeling flatter, more energetic & you’ll actually be hungry for lunch!

BLACK COFFEE – So traveling o/s can leave you constipated (ew poo) by starting your day with a black coffee it helps combat any toilet troubles. *ovbs avoid if you have the opposite issue!

SWEAT – Get a sweat on daily – includes dancing of course..

WALK – To the beach, to the cafe – where ever it is walk!

GREEN CAPS – It’s likely you won’t eat as many veggies as you usually do when you’re on holidays so I find a travel friendly greens supp such as 7.2 Greens Caps is an easy way to get my daily nutrients in.

NO CRAP TAKE AWAY – You’re in a wonderful location with beautiful local dishes & you eat Maccas!!? WHY?!? Try and eat as the locals eat.

BIGGER MAINS LESS SNACKING – Pretty self explanatory eat bigger main meals wity entrees if you please and then don’t snack between.
BE ADVENTUROUS – I’m AWLAYS down for lounging by the pool (currently what I’m doing) it’s great to mix things up by adding in some activities such as stand up paddle boarding, sublogger-image-1320949969rfing, swimming & hiking just to name a few!

So there you have it easy to follow tips to help you keep that holiday blow out away – now bring on the #bikiniselfies

Stay Strong & Stretch,Tel x

PS – Sex on the beach is a cocktail for anyone worried about what I get up to on the beach!