Why is the fitness industry filled with so much BS?

I think it’s about time someone said it as it is.

All these fitness accounts that claim to love healthy eating and love training everyday sometimes twice a day, REALLY?!?.

I will never pretend to be something I’m not and I’m sick of the fitness industry putting pressure on females to look a certain way, to train a certain way, to eat a certain way and to live a certain way.

It’s just a load of BS.

How about just enjoying life?

How about eating that donut because your soul says so?

How about just being real and stop hiding behind your edited AF photos?

But Tel that’s scary – I’ll get judged- ekkkkk!!!

Oh please, let me go first.

-I love eating chocolate and donuts…. I’ll then eat a whole block (in one sitting) and complain that I’ve got a sore belly and swear never to do it again – repeat cycle 3 days later.

-I get unmotivated and there is a hell of a lot of times I don’t want to get my ass to the gym.

-Sometimes I’ll go to the gym do minimal but take maximal selfies.

-I swear – probably too f*cking much.

-I get frustrated at clients, friends, family… actually maybe everyone at some point – I’ve got a really low tolerance level, if I’m pissed off at you, you’ll know.

-I wash my hair maybe once a week.

-I don’t believe you should become a PT because you like fitness – there is so much more to being a PT – because of the crap hype PT’s now have I actually hate telling people what I do because they never take me seriously.

-I hate #hardio – but know it’s good for me so I’ll do it….. once a month.

-I don’t enjoy cooking and my Oma cooks dinner for me and Matt every Monday and Wednesday.

-I don’t like ‘health’ foods – you lost me a raw, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free wheat free, vegan friendly!

-I love Dr Pimple Popper, I’m a picker and popper!

– I honestly believe EVERY diet works but 99% of them aren’t maintainable.

-I don’t like it when girls are assholes to other girls purely because of their looks, this drives me insane! Get the stick out of your ass and be a nice human!

-I have probably stalked you on some form of social media. #creep

-I wear my leggings/pants above my belly button because I don’t like the feeling of muffin tops – the more I’ve eaten the higher they go.

-If I’ve taken and posted a selfie – that selfie was one of 30 that were taken that didn’t make the cut.

-I LOVE training my girls – their progress 110% comes before my own – every single time.

This is me, this is what I believe take it or leave it – no salad eating, tanned, fresh faced, beach babe here – just a girl who wants others to know PT’s are not super humans – they are just like you so don’t get sucked into the fitness industries perception of what ‘fitness’ has to look like.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

#theroyalewedding 4weeks out

In 3 weeks I’ll be flying over to Bali with my soon to be hubby to become ‘Mrs Prince’

Excited is an understatement!

Everything is falling into place with only a few tears and bride-zilla moments along away.

I’m so lucky to have 48 beautiful family and friends to be able to celebrate not only the single day with but also the whole week with us!

So wedding prep, am I doing it? What am I doing?

I was eating really well right up until the hens – after that I had a bit of a blow out week – don’t get me wrong my main meals were fine it was just those cheeky donuts which I thought I had to drive to Melton for – turns out you can buy them from our local bakery #killmenow.

My hens was just over a week ago so I’ve pulled my head in a bit – by a bit I mean I only had a yo-yo, cake and brownie to help a friend out so she didn’t have to eat it yesterday – but nothing else now I swear! Okay maybe not nothing because I’m a complete a**hole when lacking sugar but I swear I will cut down!

Food isn’t a huge deal for me – obviously I don’t want to be rolled down the aisle but I eat well without realising it and thank f*ck for a good metabolism.

Beauty wise – I’m doing a few things here:

FACIALS: From 6 weeks out I have been getting weekly Intraceutical facials with my girl Cailin from CAS beauty this will remain right up until the wedding – weekly facials should be a thing – not just for wedding prep, I could 110% get use to it!

BOTOX: If I’m getting married in Bali with the sun shining in my eyes there is no way in hell I’ll be captured squinting in the photos – no frown lines here. Botox takes up to a week to kick in so I’m getting it done on the 24th it also lasts for about 3 months. I’ve had it done a couple times now on just my frown line – that’s the only part I’ll be getting done – I would still like to move my face!

FILLER: About a year about now I had my lips done – whenever I tell people they think instantly of Kyle Jenner – no, I’m not an idiot… It isn’t even noticeable (only to me really!) besides the fact straight after I’m swollen but after a couple days it settles. Any-who I’m going back in to have them re-done this Fri-YAY so if you see me on the weekend – no I haven’t been punched in the face or bitten by anything – I’m just vain AF.

BROWS: 8 times out of 10 when you see me I probably look like John Howard – I know brows are totally in ATM but I just CBF. I DID tho get them threaded and tinted right before my hens and I was bloody impressed! I didn’t even no I had brows like that! So in a couple weeks I get them re-done but for now I’ll be rocking the John’s.

TAN: I can’t get a spray before I leave because I’ll be in Bali for a week prior to the wedding so it’ll go all flaky and gross – my plan of attack is to tan up in the week as much as I can and bondi sands the rest – only concern is if I burn or get tan lines – I’ve already had nightmares about this.

All my appointments are all locked in and my weeks are getting busier and busier – so my goal for now is to not sway off my training plan #datback #datbooty and settle down on the donuts because my bridesmaids didn’t sign up to roll me down the aisle!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

My fat shaming back lash…

I had a fair few of you ask me if it copped criticism from my last blog regarding fat shaming…

Directly to my face – none – zip – zilch.

Indirectly via social media or behind my back – 110% –  thats life and girls for you baby!

It’s called ‘Talking with Tel’ for a reason and I know I’ll have haters and people that don’t agree with me and I’m TOTALLY cool with that…

I’m at peace with myself.

I love what I do, who I am, who I’m with, where I’m going and what I’m creating – I’m totally content with the person I am and the direction I’m going with my life and some people just cannot handle that – they hate it and therefore hate me.

There are so many girls out there that just want to see others fail – it’s f*cked.

When I stopped trying to impress others is when I became fully content with myself and started soaring and let me tel you it’s a bloody good feeling!

Just be you – be true to yourself and that’s all you have to do.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Fat Shaming, when is it okay?

Fat Shaming.

It’s a harsh word that is almost voodoo between females –  we should never put someone down because of their size…

Should we?

When is fat shaming okay?

It’s an interesting and touchy topic that got brought up at our weekly RF meeting – what are our views on ‘Fat Shaming’…

I see three sides to the story.

#1 I see a bigger girl trying their absolute hardest every training session, they are motivated and know they are over weight… Although this person may be bigger they are only starting their journey and KNOW they need to change to help them live a longer happier life – this person does not deserve to get fat shamed she should get a f*cking applause for willing to admit change needs to happen and for having the balls to step up and do something about it – gyms can be a scary and intimidating environment so kudos to you!!

#2 I see a bigger girl not giving a flying f*ck about their looks, being a complete slob, eating take out every night and sitting on their fat a** ready for an early death…

…well there you go I just fat shamed. 

If this person doesn’t care about their life enough to want to change maybe the only thing that will actually make them open their eyes is to stop pussy footing around the topic and call them out on it – you are fat and you are killing yourself.

#3 The third side to the story is the complete opposite – I hate and I mean HATE the fact that it is totally okay to ‘skinny shame’ – if someone DOES loose weight or are naturally small it doesn’t take long for someone to say ‘You’re getting too skinny’‘Don’t loose anymore weight’‘You’re fading away’You need to eat a burger’– lets put these comments in the reflected light…


God could you imagine!!! IF it is deemed rude to comment on someones size and shape I feel like this should include ALL sizes and ALL shapes.

What about if when you see someone working their arse off whether big or small instead of being a judgmental a**hole (which is hard because I swear it’s lodged in the female DNA) compliment them – it will not kill you…

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X