Week 20

One word – TIRED.

That’s basically how this week went, iron infusion is coming up on June 6thso just over a week – I’m realllllly hanging for it and hoping it leave me feeling a little more normal.

It could be the iron but I’ve picked up extra hours at work to so could be that, maybe even hormones but I even cried this week.

BUT OFFICIALLY HALF WAY – when did this happen?? Time is just flying!!! I seriously can’t believe it!

Round ligament pain is still lingering, mostly during work whilst walking around, I didn’t go for any walks this week so just whilst working. I only trained three times this week one strength, one cardio and one pilates session – just listening to my body and resting a little more.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it in the last blog but I’ve sneezed three times now and nearly wet myself (nearly as in pee defs came out but not a lot) – hahahhahelphahaha – this was very new but Matt and I could see the funny side… We laughed A LOT! (not enough tho to cause me to wet myself again)

Because this has happened a couple times I decided to go to a pelvic floor and pregnancy physio.

Someone that specialises in this area and can help with both my pelvic floor and round ligament pain. I know i’m not a serve case or anything like that but I know my PF will only get worse and I knew I’d learn a lot which is handy given the fitness industry I’m in and the way my girls pop out babies!

She was great, gave me a band for my belly (like a tubigrip compression type thing) I have only worn it twice, just at work, when I find the pain is bad – the band works! It just feels pretty tight by the end of the night and I also don’t want to wear it too much. Why? Well the physio said its like a second support abs – and I feel like if I wear it too often my actual abs will relax and not support my  body with out it. Something that I don’t know if its actually true but that’s what I think anyways!

Next thing we discussed was my pelvic floor – she said the best way to ensure that I know how to activate to PF is an internal exam (insert shocked face emoji) I didn’t realise that what was coming lol.

Long awkward story short – I know how to activate but struggle holding the activation so she has given me exercises to do – I do recommend women seeing a specialist like this… It will really help long term. Don’t just book into a physio – see a women/pelvicfloor/pregnancy physio – someone who specialises in this field and be aware (I was not!) that they recommend an internal – might be weird but wetting yourself when sneezing, jumping, coughing etc is way worse!

Week 19

I feel like my body went through a lot of changes this week…

Monday we had our halfway (OMG) scan – it was SO awesome to see little Prince again, we have been feeling him kick but to see his little face was the best!

Last scan was at 13 weeks – he was a lot bigger this time!! Everything is measuring ahead – especially his belly which measuring in the 98.4 percentile on the chart – I knew he was stealing all my food hence why I’m hungry what feels like all the time!

Everything else in the scan went great which is awesome!! My next scan is at 27 weeks can’t wait!!!

I’m finding my nose isn’t as blocked this week while I’m sleeping and although I’m still dreaming they don’t seem to be as weird dreams like the last two week – thank god!

Body wise is feeling the most difference this week – I had been feeling these pains while working and thought I might had strained a muscle, I told the Ob last week and she didn’t seem to concerned so neither was I… I found it to only be when I was working – once I got home and sat down the pain went away. When I went for a walk on Monday I had this extreme sharp pain through my left lower side (I guess under where my bump is) I continued walking and it kind of went away then came back on the right side… I was intense – by the end of the walk I felt like I was walking so slow and hunched over like a really bad stabbing cramps.

Round Ligament Pain – after a quick google search it seems to be what I’m experiencing – I only get it when walking and at work tho (assuming because I walk around a lot) I don’t get it while at pilates or lifting weights…. If you don’t know what RLP is it is a ligament that attaches from your womb to your groin and as the belly get bigger is can strain until I guess it stretches with you… I really hurts! But it doesn’t last too long and I find once I sit down it goes away pretty quick – I’ve only walked once this week because I’m scared it’ll happen again!

Training is the same as the other weeks with strength, pilates and swimming – (although I haven’t swum yet this week its Thursday which is a rest day so planning on it tomorrow)

Lying on my back also doesn’t feel that great this week either – I know from 20 weeks you should start laying on your side due to a main blood vessel that can get compressed so sleeping has been tough as a back sleeper, my shoulders are quite sore from sleeping on my sides I also notice it while demo-ing at work or just laying on my back for too long its uncomfortable….

Tired-ness has come back next level this week – I STILL haven’t has my iron infusion (its booked for next hospital visit in a couple weeks thank goodness) and I’ve only eaten steak once this week rather then nearly every second day like the weeks before so assuming Little Prince is sucking me dry….

My belly towards the end of this week is noticeably a lot bigger of a night time and a lot more people seem to be noticing – which is nice, it’s almost past the awkward in-between stage where I might be pregnant but I also may just be fat lol

Lastly I sneezed and nearly wet myself – like legit some wee defs came out – although me and Matt thought it was hilarious I’m focusing more on my pelvic floor and have also booking in with a pregnancy and pelvic floor physio so I’ll update you on how that goes next week…

With all these changes I’m convinced Little Prince is having a big grow week!

Can’t wait for week 20 and what it has to bring! (also can’t believe I’m already there!)

Oh the nursery has plaster – its not finished but it’s a step closer whoooo!!!

Week 17 & 18

These two weeks have been super similar & have just gone so bloody quick so I’m combining them!!

The main stand out over these last two week have been my dreams – they have been SO bizarre, really strange sometimes scary and very vivid…  Matt said this week I’ve laughed in my sleep and gasped myself awake – both of which I don’t remember.

My nose is also SO blocked of a night-time – during the day it’s completely fine! I asked the Dr and she said its because of more blood circulating around the body and there being more blood vessels in the nose – I’ve woken up with my mouth completely dry from obviously breathing through my nose all night!!

Little Prince is also kicking – often, it wasn’t the ‘flutters’ like people described or I read about it was more tapping maybe you could call it bubbling but I would say it was distinct tapping – I felt it in week 16 but wasn’t sure if it was bubs or not – but over these last two weeks it’s been a lot more regular and distinct…

Training wise I’ve been consistent for the last three weeks:
x2 Strength
x1 Pilates (plus taking 2-3 sessions demo-ing most the session)
x1 Swimming laps
and walking!

Feeling good!!

I had three appointments in week 18 – just a general local GP check up to get my referral for my 20 week scan (yay!), the second two were at the hospital one with the Ob and one with the Physician – I didn’t really know who was for what but later was told (by Matt lol) that the Ob was all about bubs and the physician was all about me – going into high risk now because of my UC they are keeping a close eye on me to make sure I stay in remission and all so far is looking good!! (double yay!!)

The Dr and the Ob checked Little Princes heart rate with the Doppler – it was perfect and so nice to hear – both times Little Prince kicked the Doppler off my belly and both dr’s commented on how active he is – fingers crossed that settles once he is earth side lol

Thus far I’ve put on 4kg – my boobs have gotta be weighing in at 2kgs a pop – they feel and look huge!! The Dr said I’ll probably be gaining .500g per week, which is such a strange thing to think of – still getting my head around that fact!!!

My body although feeling different, it’s feeling good! My belly is defs getting bigger – again there is such a big difference from my morning stomach to my bed bed tummy! Can’t believe I’m so close to half way already and the babys rooms doesn’t even have walls hahhahaohshithahahah

Week 16

I don’t know if it is because Matts home again or me but this week I’ve felt great!

I haven’t been training all that much because I just have zero energy and feel shit most the time – this week was different, finally back into training because it was what my body wanted and because it felt good to do so!

Sunday- Lower Strength
Monday- Walked
Tuesday- Swam (first time probably since my paul saddler days aka 20 years ago lol)
Wednesday – Pilates
Thursday – Rest day (helped Matts sister move house all day)
Friday – Upper Strength
Saturday – Walk

That’s how my week panned out, I must admit after Pilates on Wednesday I was knackered – I felt really tried – maybe I should be easing myself into it but I’m no good at the ‘easing’ process – all or nothing kinda gal…

I’m still napping most days for an hour or so and still haven’t heard about my iron infusion but I have a hospital appointment coming up so will check in with them..

Diet wise I’m eating a lot more regularly then I use to, pre-pregnancy fasting is something I would do most days and then not really snack where as I’m finding I need to eat every few hours to relieve any sickness that starts to come on. Is it heathly? I’d say yes mostly (I say this as I just finished a malteaser bunny) but I’m not being strict on my diet – again not that kinda gal…

We also bought a pram this week which was super exciting! We haven’t bought anything – going into the baby shops for the first time was overwhelming as hell and there are SO many different brand of everything it was ridic but we knew we were looking at prams so stuck to that section for now – we went with the easiest, lightest, new parent proof one we could find – SUCCESS!!

I also think I felt little prince kick, it’s happened a few times but I have NO idea if that’s what I’m feeling or not, it’s like tiny, TINY little thumps in my tummy – strange bloody feeling that’s for sure!

What an overly positive week – here is to hoping there is more like this!

DISCLAIMER: This is my first week like this – don’t think I’ve been training everyday and eating like a health freak the last 16 weeks because that’s refs not true – weeks 6-7 to week 14-15 were rough!

Stay Strong & Stretch,

Week 15

IT’S A BOY – The genetic testing came back all clear at week 10 and we found out Little Prince is in fact a boy!! Another huge hurdle!

My nausea has FINALLY stopped, thankkk god for that!!!!!

It was hit and miss during week 14 some days were good and some days were terrible but no sickness during week 15!

But it’s never really smooth sailing is it??

We had out first hospital meeting at week 13 – everything went really well, we are having the baby at Sunshine – this is where all my specialist Dr’s are for my UC so they can all communicate with each other. They have been great thus far too!

After the hospital appointment at week 14 I got a call from the hospital on the Monday (When I was 15 weeks) saying they are transferring me from orange unit (which is basically like a general unit) to a ‘High Risk’ unit – hearing this scared me. Having UC is what caused my last miscarriage and is the reason why I’m now a high risk pregnancy – its just scary to hear but least I’m getting monitored the way I should, they said that if ANY of my UC symptoms come back I need to go in ASAP as it can cause preterm birth. Matt was in South America at this time (on our last big holiday before we started trying for a baby!) and I was home alone absorbing the information – I don’t want to get sick, I just want the baby to be healthy. I sobbed, half hormonal and half reality shock that UC will never leave me.

On the Wednesday I had a meeting with my Gastroenterologist my second follow up since my colonoscopy, she was happy my symptoms, which seemed to be in remission but was also concerned about how bad my last colonoscopy was – it showed that I have Pan Colitis – there are different levels of UC – mine is through my whole colon, not just one section. There were also abnormal cells, similar to cancer cells in my colon – again scary to hear. BUT I seemed to be reacted well to the medication – she just wants to keep a close eye on me. She was also concerned with my iron count and insisted on an iron infusion – this made me happy – I’ve been tired, like really tired, like napping 3 times a day tired. So getting this infusion should help with that!

So a couple speed bumps this week – but my UC is still under control and besides being tried I’m feeling SO good. I’m just glad the dr’s are keeping a close eye on me, I really feel like I’m under the best care possible….

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

The First Trimester

Holly shit we are having a baby!

Once the initial shock settled, the nerves kick in.

I was scared, I couldn’t go through what we went through last time – as the 7 week mark came closer and closer the more nervous I got.

Last time the first ultrasound is where it all went wrong.

This time we opted for a local GP that specialises in pregnancy and also opted for an ultrasound clinic locally – Siles in BM – I couldn’t recommend Ken ANY more – he is amazing and super informative.

Even just doing these two simple things make the process seem a lot more professional and real compared to last time.

Our first ultrasound – I felt SO nervous – what if there was no heartbeat again?

Lying on the bed Ken made me feel calm and Matt was being so strong even tho I know he was just as scared as me.

And there it was a tiny little blob that is our little Prince AND a heartbeat to match.

Tears of joy came streaming down my face and instant relief.

From this point morning sickness increased A LOT – I never experienced it last time.

And from the sounds of it everyone experiences different symptoms but mine went as follows….

There was nothing bloody morning about it. It was ALL DAY sickness.

I never really vomited, I would just dry reach which I think is worse, I would just rather vomit and get on with my day.

The best way to describe this was like an ALL day hangover – I perked up usually by 3pm just in time to put on a brave face and head to work. The first trimester is hard – not many people know and its when you’re probably struggling the most physically and mentally yet no one has a clue!

Along with the sickness my boobs grew A LOT and were very sore and I was also super tired, napping daily and hardly training at all! Not even walking which for me is a big deal – I felt like a slob – doing nothing all day but laying down on the couch, it’s something I wasn’t use to.

I grew sick of this feeling and at 9 weeks I got acupuncture which is suppose to help with the sickness….

It helped, it helped TOO much – so much so that I felt like all my signs that I was pregnant were gone, I thought we had lost the baby. I know this is why I got the acupuncture in the first place but I didn’t realise it as going to make me feel like this!

I booked in to see my Dr that ordered me to have a blood test and an ultrasound.

It was a nerve-racking week waiting for both of these things – the ultrasound went great.

Another sigh of relief, I now know that this feeling of nervousness does not leave – when you don’t know what’s happening inside you and you just want everything to be okay it is really hard to relax, especially when things didn’t turn out as planned the first time around.

This was basically my life for up until 14 weeks – 2 months on ongoing fatigue, nerves, soreness, weird pains, nausea and a f*ck heap of googling to figure out if it was all normal.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X