‘The Pill’ what the f*ck is it doing to you?

So you’re 15 years old and told you need to start taking ‘The Pill’ – you kind of know about it – some of your friends are on it and it is supposed to a) help with your acne, b) regulate your teenage periods and most importantly c) stop you from falling accidentally pregnant.

All pro’s – wewwwww – you don’t second question it – especially if the GP see no issues.

Everything is good – your periods and pimples are well under control and you are not auditioning for MTV’s TeenMom.

You know no different and continue taking it for the next 10, 12 hell even 15 years….

That’s what I did – that’s what we all do right? If there were any effects on the body surely our GP wouldn’t just keep giving out this medication no questions asked??


Before we even get into that side of the story do you even know what that tiny little pill is? Or what it is doing to your body? Or your daughters body when used long term?

Most birth control pills are “combination pills” containing a mix of the hormones oestrogen and progesterone to prevent ovulation (the release of an egg during the monthly cycle). A woman cannot get pregnant if she doesn’t ovulate because there is no egg to be fertilized.

AGAIN – NO EGG RELEASE!!!! It literally stops your body from doing what it was designed to do. (The thought of not letting my body naturally ovulate for 12 years made me cringe.)

The Pill also works by thickening the mucus around the cervix, which makes it difficult for sperm to enter the uterus and reach any eggs that may have been released. The hormones in the Pill can also sometimes affect the lining of the uterus, making it difficult for an egg to attach to the wall of the uterus.

I honestly didn’t know either of these things. I had been taking this medication for 12 years and did not know this. I didn’t even second question the pill I popped for 12 years straight – I was completely oblivious to how it worked.

It wasn’t until I become sick with my bowel disease I starting digging a little deeper into the long term effects the pill has on the body because my Naturopath had questioned how long I’d been on OC (oral contraceptives) for and if I’d ever given my body a break.

‘Break?’ I thought to myself? Why would I need a ‘break’?!

The more I read the more convinced I was it was making me sick.

The more I read the more concerned I was for what I’d been putting my body through.

The more I read the more I thought why is no one talking about this??

Fact: Women who take the pill are nearly ten times the risk of dying from pulmonary embolism (a blood clot reaching the heart) than those who aren’t taking it.

A normal dose of the pill is four times the amount of oestrogen normally present in the body. Pills are a “one size fits all”, however if no two bodies are the same, it becomes easy to recognise why so many women experience negative side effects.

Like myself.

In my next appointment with my naturopath after lots of reading and researching I questioned her about the negative impact the pill could be having on my body particularly my gut and bowel disease.

She explained – the pill is toxic – therefore it directly affects the liver.

Your liver goes into overdrive and your body does what it can to protect it.

Leaving your gut open game for all sorts of infections, diseases and issues.

This made total sense to me and made me think of how many women out there actually suffer from gut issues that could be OC related!

I stopped taking the pill that day.

It felt very weirdly liberating. I can’t explain it but I instantly felt like I had more energy, I was sleeping better and my UC improved significantly within the first month.

I felt free.

The only thing I was paranoid about was falling pregnant but after downloading the app ‘flo’ it was a real game changer it logs my periods so I’m able to see when I’m ovulating and when I’m due for my period… I learnt so much about my own body it was really cool expect when ‘flo’ reminded me my period was now 3 weeks late….

Omg I’m pregnant, what am I going to do?!? I can’t look after a child, I’m not ready – omg omg omg.

The Naturopath did inform me that my period may be a bit off as your body forgets how to produce hormones naturally due to the fact it has been given artificial hormones for 12 years.

Yup – your female body forgets how to produce hormones because of the long term use of OC.

For me this was the case – no pregnancy just a lack of hormones.

It took me 4 months to get my period – I had like phantom periods with horrible cramps like it was trying to come but never did…. everyone is different some girls come off the pill and instantly get their period others won’t see it for a good year.

Because your body is basically that fucked up from artificial hormones.

If I wanted to get pregnant I couldn’t of. All because a lack of education. We assume to take the pill (have all these side effect which we assume are normal and just our bodies) then when we want to start a family go off it, have sex and fall pregnant.

It just does not happen like that.

I’m now 12 months off the pill and am only just getting regular periods – meaning I can now begin to pin point and know my cycle.

I’m a strong believer that OC contributed to my bowel disease, moods and energy levels.

I can confidently say I’ll NEVER go back on OC again.

This post it not saying do not use Oral Contraceptives – this blog is merely saying just be mindful – do your research on different options and what they are doing to the body and be sure to give your body a break if you do choose to stay on OC, be smart and listen to your body. Hopefully this post makes you more aware and saves you any long-term grief like I know so many women have gone through just because we are not educated on the topic.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel x


Why BJ’s should be a girls best friend…

The power, hard work and sense of accomplishment after BJ’s is just unbeatable!!!

BJ’s require A LOT of energy because they are highly intense. They use the WHOLE body and will activate nearly every muscle, which is why BJ’s burn a heap of calories in a single session and can help you loose weight.

The POWER and SPEED that comes from a BJ will help you increase your strength. When you follow an eccentric contraction (muscle lengthening) with a concentric contraction (muscle shortening) your muscle produces greater force and this is where the power and speed utilised in a BJ comes from.

The only disadvantage with BJ’s is the high risk of injury. I have never personally seen anyone hurt himself or herself during a BJ but because of the intensity and impact on the body it is quite common, so it is very important your BJ’s technique is on point. If you are a beginner it is important to start with low volume and gradually progress once you have built up strength.

It is safe to do BJ’s 2-3 times a week but make sure you begin with a light 10 minute warm up to increase blood flow to help your muscles function properly and to prevent injury.

So make sure you add box jumps to your workouts – an exercise I LOVE!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel x

Injuries, setbacks, sabotage & speed humps….

How frustrating is it when you’re on – you know when you’re feeling really fucking good wether it be training consistently & hard or eating well – you’re feeling strong, lean and confident then the unexpected shit storm happens.

You injure yourself.
You binge eat.

leading to…

You can’t train.
You feel like shit.

What do you do? How do you react?

I know you’re thinking of a certain time where this has happened to you – it may even be right now….

It’s just crap.

Do you ‘push through’ your injury only resulting in hurting yourself more and having even more time off training?

Do you take the all or nothing approach and continue binge eating – I mean you’ve broken your good habits now you might as well make the most of it?

What are you suppose to do???

You don’t want to have time off training – it makes you feel good and you don’t want to fall behind.

You don’t know where to start with eating well again because you’ve just lost all control and get into the groove of saying ‘I’ll start Monday’

So seriously what the fuck are you suppose to do?

Step 1 – frantically panic and start hysterically crying about your injury worrying you’ll never train again continue onto Coles to buy a block of chocolate.

Okay just kidding there….

Well sort of…

I think it’s perfectly normal to have a little cry if you hit a setback – I mean you’re fucking upset and frustrated at yourself – you don’t need this shit right now of course you’re going to be upset.

I did when I tore my quad last week.

a) It bloody hurt.
b) I was on fire with my training this is NOT what I wanted.

Result – sook like a little baby and think about how fat and weak I’m going to get because of it.

Tel, you’re literally not helping the situation at all please give me your magical advice before I either punch someone in the face or reach for another snickers.

Okay, okay lets go…


-You instantly need to take it seriously – just pretending it’s a little niggle or pushing through will NOT make it go away – you need to address it ASAP.

-If it is just a little niggle/tweak believe it or not this is actually a good thing – it means you can look after it before it becomes a real big issue.

-If you legit know you have hurt yourself (e.g my quad) because of the intense pain, followed by even more intense throbbing and aching please stop whatever the fuck it is you’re doing and just sit down – don’t continue walking, running, lifting whatever it is you are doing.

-Don’t panic – lolz jokes panic will probably happen – the cloud of doubt will 100% loom on you so I’m not even going to try and tell you to remain calm – lets use my examples from above of some thoughts that may cross your mind… ‘I’m going to get fat’ ‘I won’t be able to train ever again’ ‘I’m going to loose all my strength’ ‘Why me?’ ‘It hurts’ ‘I’m dying’ etc, etc.. followed by some tears it is all pretty normal and standard but try and pull yourself together.

DO NOT book into a bloody GP – your local bulk billing doc is great when you need some anti baby pills, sleeping pills and a med cert to get the day off work – not for training injuries, they will give you some anti-inflams which yes will make the area feel good but it will simply mask the problem not resolve it – see a Dr that specialises in the body which leads me to my next point…

-Book into an Osteo like right now – don’t ‘Oh I’ll see how it feels tomorrow’ like right now do it. Here is a link to my Osteo …


-Until your appointment don’t do shit that hurts – if it hurts to squat don’t squat. As a trainer I know there is ALWAYS alternatives to an exercise – so please, PLEASE ask and tell us when something doesn’t feel right – I know trainers are good but we aren’t mind readers!

– Listen to the Osteo – sounds simple right – but I know what y’all training crazed junkies are like!!! If he says no lower body weights for a week then NO LOWER BODY WEIGHTS FOR A WEEK!!! This is the most important point on this blog. You will not recover if you do not let the area rest, I know it sucks, I KNOW!!! But what sucks even more is not resting and re-hurting the area resulting in another 2 weeks off training.

SIDE NOTE: YOU CAN STILL TRAIN WITH AN INJURY – as I said above do not do anything that hurts and leave that area of the body alone eg. I haven’t trained lower body in 2 weeks but I have been going for light walks because the movement feels good and have also been doing upper body sessions. Listen to your body. It isn’t the end of the world you can work around it!

-Go to your follow up appointment with the Osteo – depending on what you’ve done 2 Osteo sessions minimum is what I would recommend – the second one you might not feel as necessary because you’re feeling good but that is exactly why you should go.

-Re-introduce training that area LIGHTLY just because you’ve been given the all clear don’t go and smash you body – take it light, and increase on it next session.


-Think about what you did that resulted in this injury? If you train like an athlete do you recover like one? Do you have rest days? Do you eat enough food? Do you take stretching seriously? Do you do mobility exercises? Do you use correct form when at the gym? Do you need to strengthen certain muscles? These little things can prevent another injury from happening so are some good points to think about and improve on so you don’t go back to square one.


You were eating so well what happened?!?!

You fell off the chicken and veggies train straight into the dirty burger with chips and gravy ocean…

I know, I get it, it happens *raises hand like the unsupervised child I am…

so how do you get back the motivation to get your eating back under control?

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow 😉 In the mean time step away from the goddam packet of starburst.