‘300 Rep Challenge’ I Challenge YOU!

Bit of a different blog today – more of a content inner circle of RF & #TELSTRIBE post….

I challenged my girls last Wednesday/Thursday – after my tribes strength component of training we always finish with a what I call #hardio finisher – this keeps our fitness in check, works any weaker muscles that need reps in them and burns some serious calories.

I know cardio can be a killah – burpees are not fun and circuits are boring – so by creating little goals for my tribe it takes the focus off ‘cardio’ and on a set target.

I guess it’s like negotiation with your body to do exercises you know will gas you the fuck out but also have in your mind that you want to hit a certain target so you do it anyways.

Resulting in sweat, endorphins and a rig that is ridic. (with the help from strength and pilates to of course.)

The challenge I gave my tribe (and I’m now giving you lovely ladies for your next gym sesh) was a ‘300 Rep Challenge’…

Sounds scary – DW read on.

Their goal (and now your goal) was to complete 300 repetitions in total of the following 5 exercises:

I didn’t care how they made up their reps meaning if they hated running they didn’t have to do any running – if they LOVE pull ups they could just do pull ups the whole time as long as they found the fastest way to reach 300 reps. See 5 exercises below with photo demos.

EXERCISE NO.1: 1 Pull up = 5 reps OR 1 TRX Row = 1 rep


EXERCISE NO.2: 60m Sprint = 5 reps (if you are using a treadmill try and hit 60m OR 15 seconds)

EXERCISE NO.3: Bench Hop = 1 rep each time your feet land on the floor 


EXERCISE NO.4: High plank to squat = 1 rep each time feet come in


EXERCISE NO.5: Front Plank = 5 reps every 30 seconds 


6 sprints = 30 reps
1 minute plank = 10 reps
so you’d be at 40 reps out of 300
Then complete
20 bench hops = 20 reps
5 pull ups = 25 reps
so you’d be at 85 reps out of 300

Using the guide above and the photos to help you distinguish what each exercise is – at your next gym session start your timer on your phone and see how fast you can complete 300 reps.

My Tribes fastest 3 times were:
After this they varied right up to 14 minutes…

5 Minutes of cardio – I ain’t going to argue with that – let me know how you go!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Do fit people actually enjoy working out & eating healthy?

Interesting topic isn’t it?

You see so many fitness ‘gurus’ out there now with their amazing bodies, clean eating and awesome lives – they make being ‘fit’ look so easy!!

Do these people actually enjoy the taste of broccoli over the taste of a pizza?

Would they seriously rather be doing cardio then Netflix & chill?

The truth is NO.

Well not in the beginning anyways, when they started their health & fitness journey – it was hard fucking work, breaking the cycle of old habits.

Just like you – having that same old conversation with themselves justifying why they SHOULDN’T go to the gym, or SHOULD eat the dessert someone offered them.

“It’s to cold I’ll just do it tomorrow”

“I’ve eaten good all day one little treat won’t make a difference”

The exact SAME conversations you may be having right now.

And sure they’ve failed – probably heaps.

They’ve snoozed their alarm and eaten a whole bag of chips BUT the only difference between you and that fitness guru is that they refused to give up.

Falling off the wagon isn’t the thing holding you back.

It’s falling off and deciding it’s to bloody hard to get back on so you turn around and start walking back to the start even tho you could of been so close to the finish.

To progress in any way shape or form you need to learn how to fail.

It’s not fun – no one likes failing but my friends it’s a part of life so we might as well embrace it!

Know what it feels like, pick up on where you went wrong so you don’t make that same mistake again and then most importantly…


What you’ll find is that the more you try & try & try the less often you’ll fail.

I’m not going to say you will never fail because that isn’t true, even the best of the best fail.

The key is to not look at the end destination – that’s way to fucking scary.

You can’t see yourself there – you think it isn’t possible and that you don’t deserve it so you’ll sabotage yourself.

The key is set small daily changes, things so small they almost seem pointless.

Things I’ve added:
-Daily 20minute minimum walk
-Greens drink

These are not ridic expectations of myself – they aren’t x2 5km runs, x1 hike & 2 hour walks everyday, or mediate for one hour or make a smoothie every morning.

They are simple and may seem pointless to some but hitting these small daily targets will..

-Help my muscles recover
-Help get my daily nutrient needs
-Burn calories
-Keep my focused and clear
-Help me sleep

Just to name a few…

Sure sometimes you’ll screw it up – you’re human.

But you NEVER throw in the towel.

I literally get up walk and have my green without even thinking now.

Now write down in your notes section of your phone x3 daily target you wish to hit – remember small targets you can aim to do every day, then each week aim to get 7 tick emojis next to that target.

If you continue to do this you’ll find that you’ll look back and realise how far you’ve come – how natural it is to want good food, how you love the feeling of sweat and your heart racing and the endorphins that fill your body after a workout.

You to will realise that you actually do enjoy being fit & healthy because you now are.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel x