Who Are You?

I sit here home alone with a moment of peace and quiet.

There is dishes on the sink, clothes that need to be put away and floors that need to be mopped.

I’m leaving that… for now anyways.

Sitting in quite gives me time to reflect – sometimes I use the time well (like now), others I just scroll aimlessly through my phone – I don’t even see what I’m scrolling past or care – why is it so addictive??

I’m just thinking about who I was, who I am and who I want to be – it sounds deep but I really think this reflection time is helpful for everyone so hear me out…

People change, not over night but they change..

Might be from moving states/towns/cities, changing friend groups, health scares, relationship break downs, new relationships and my reason – having kids…

There is lots of reasons people change and change isn’t always bad – what I do find is bad is when you try to identify as your old former self…

Take me for example:

I know who I use to be – I was a wildfire, extremely driven spent lots of time and effort in setting and smashing goals, I hustled hard to get where I am today.

The current me looks back at the old me and feels lazy for not setting these same personal and business goals, for not hustling as hard – this is not only bad for me mentally but doesn’t help with anything – it’s also not possible to be putting in the same time and effort, my life has changed – the circumstances are completely different..

This would be the same with changing friend groups for example – you change friend groups for a reason – perhaps toxicity, the friend group brought out traits in you that you didn’t like, made you feel like shit and hate yourself.

When you change your friend group and remove yourself from the situation your mind and thoughts shift also – you are no longer that same person – you may look back and miss some of the people but you know you’re moving on for the better, you are not that person anymore – your circumstances are now different….

I know not to dwell on the past but rather grow and evolve who I am because that’s what happens in life….

As we grow older and wiser, our circumstances and surroundings change and I think its important to recognise it but also evolve with it.

If you do ever feel a little bit lost with who you are here are some simple questions to ask yourself:
-What makes you happy? DO MORE OF THIS
-What do you enjoy doing? DO MORE OF THIS
-How do I want others to see me? DO MORE OF THIS (this isn’t because you should care what others think but more so you can implement this trait into your everyday life – eg I want others to see me as friendly and helpful – so I ensure I am friendly and helpful – what people’s opinions are on how they perceive this is irrelevant, it makes me feel good being friendly and helpful)

These questions make up a part of who you are now, these answers will be different to what they were 2,5,10 years ago and that’s why its important to reflect on them.

So Who Are You?

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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