My Marriage is Failing and it’s all My Fault…

My guess is that you clicked on this blog to read about my failing marriage, you’re intrigued and want hear the inside scoop. (Unless you’re my Mum and probably balling her eyes out after reading the heading)

It’s strange isn’t it, why are we so obsessed with other peoples business?

Why when things go wrong for people we tend to love the juicy gossip and are instantly engaged?

It’s like we enjoy the failure of others.

Does it make us feel better?


Does it helps us forget out own lives for a bit?


Does it helps us feel less alone, people going through the same fucked up shit as us?

Could be?

Or maybe we are just a bunch of arseholes?

If the title of this blog had of been ‘Happiest I’ve ever been’ I guarantee the click rate would be absolutely shit house –  no-one wants to know when you’re doing well, not that many people really care!

Imagine if we put the energy into being more positive to ourselves rather then absorbing the garbage that is propped up in front of our face all the time?

Having amazing conversations about dreams, hopes and goals with amazing people.

Work hard in a career you fully enjoy where you can grow and unleash your full potential, not one where you hate it so much you bitch about Karen who left her coffee cup on the bench in the lunch room without washing it.

I feel like by making these small shifts of positives in our daily lives it will allow us to out grow the people that only want drama, you know the people that drain all the energy from you – the only way to make these shifts is to become more aware of it.

Every time you catch yourself being negative towards a person, situation or thing I want you to be aware of it then instantly think of 2 things you are grateful for.

The world is already filled with enough mean people who want to see you fail – don’t be one of these people – recognise your strengths, be grateful for what you have and don’t worry about what anyone else is doing.

Oh & BTW although my husband drives me crazy by leaving his dirty clothes NEXT to the washing basket and continually leaving chewy wrappers in my car and of course dishes on TOP of the sink rather then IN the dishwasher I bloody love him and wouldn’t change him for the world, we are doing amazing things – he is my soul mate and I can’t wait to grow old with him, so sorry to disappoint no failing marriage here ladies! Just a click-bate title to prove a point 😉 

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel x

I found a letter addressed to you…

I originally had this blog titled as ‘Dear Future Daughter’ – then I realised I wasn’t writing to her, I was writing to me…

I was writing to you….

I was writing to all the women out there that have ever feel lost, uncertain and unsure.

You were introduced into world to make an impact.


There is not a single soul on this entire planet that is exactly like you!

How amazing is that?!?

Each year your age ticks over – this represents new opportunities, new challenges and new growth.

Each day seems no different from the last but when you look back nothing will be the same.

You will never get today back, remember that – you will never get to go back in time – so never hold back, love hard and be true to you.

Do not make changes to your life to suit others over yourself, do not try and please others if it changes you, do not surround yourself with negative people…

invest in yourself.

Know your worth and never settle for anything less.

Don’t dull your light to let others shine – speak up for what you believe in and trust your gut because I guarantee it is right.

The way you look is the exact way you were supposed to look – your body is beautiful and it is entirely yours.

Do not compare yourself to someone else’s idea of perfect.

Your body keeps you here on this planet – with every inhale comes an exhale, your body loves you and it is okay to love it back.

Be kind to yourself, know that some days will be so dark where you will question every move you make, you will tell yourself these negative things in your head but know that they are just that… in your head.

It will pass for you cannot experience good if you do not go through the bad.

Negative things in life will happen we cannot avoid it but it is how we react to these situations that ultimately shapes us.

Do not let these situations hold you back, learn from these experiences.

Pursue your dreams because it is completely possible to turn them into reality – you are capable of anything.

I truly mean that.

Doesn’t mean it will be easy to achieve, you’ll have to work hard but anything you put your energy towards will get you to where you need to be.

Don’t leave this world with any regrets – this is YOUR world and it is so goddamn short so believe in yourself.

Be confident, stand up tall and proud for there is no one exactly like you – you are one of a kind.

It is okay to say ‘no’.

It seems so simple – two letters, one word.

But it can sometimes be the hardest thing to say – and it is okay – your life will be better off if you say no more often.

And vice versa say ‘yes’.

Say yes to situations that will challenge you and force you to grow, by putting yourself out into the world you are allowing opportunities to arise.

Know that although there is no one exactly like you, doesn’t mean no-one understands you.

Find your tribe, your tribe is the people you can be 110% yourself around.

They love you for being you, they will be honest with you as you are with them, you trust them, they encourage and support you and will love you no matter what – don’t let go of these people.

If you surround yourself with people you are not 110% yourself with these are not your true tribe, these people are holding you back.


If you are not happy with your life it is completely up to you to change it and you can.

Don’t settle for mediocre when you were destined for greatness.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

The Truth About Breakfast

Growing up we were always told that breakfast was the most important meal of the day….

but is this really true?

We are also told that if we skip breakfast our metabolism will slow down causing weight gain…

but is this really true?

Consider that most of the research showing that breakfast is important has been sponsored by Kellogg’s and other food manufacturers. That fact casts considerable doubt on the validity of breakfast being important.

Although you may be conscious about your health and opting for granola or a similar cereal because it is deemed as ‘healthy’ may actually be doing you more harm then good! Those type of ‘health foods’ are filled with refined sugars and are basically like eating a bowl of fruit loops!

Have you ever had a filling breakfast only to get to work and feel like you are about to fall asleep and you are hanging for that 10:30am morning tea break to get some more food into you because you are already hungry again – if this is you chances are you aren’t eating the right breakfast.

So let’s go through some big breaky questions shall we….

There is no ONE SIZE FITS all approach here when it comes to what to eat and if you have any specific dietary needs please see your Dr before changing up your diet – this is based on what over the 100’s of women (and men) I have helped over the years have found to be pretty darn accurate….


I wish I was fancy enough to do one of those cool graphs that asks you questions and you end up on yes OR no – but I am not that tech savvy so you gotta read my bad English to get you through it!

This question is very person and day dependant – each individual is different – some people find having break sets them up for the day and some people find it puts them into a slump and makes them super hungry all day.


If you have a BIG breakfast high in refined carbohydrates (say bread by itself, cereal or a muffins) it spikes your insulin levels and we all know what happens then – it crashes not long after, this can be the cause of your out of control hunger for the rest of the day – studies have shown that those that eat a breakfast high in refined carbs will eat up to 200 calories a day MORE then those whom have a low/no carb option.

The question should not be ‘should we eat breakfast’ but more so ‘WHAT should you be eating for breakfast’ – so read on 😉


NO!!! I want to scream this all day everyday – NO,no, no, no, NO!!! You will not ruin your metabolism by skipping breakfast.

Three things usually happen here…

a) If you SKIP breakfast but find you get hungrier later in the day, or you wake up super hungry – skipping breakfast probably isn’t the right thing for you.

b) If you SKIP breakfast and find you eat your first meal at 10:30am (morning tea) or even lunch BUT you are fine the rest of the day skipping breakfast MAY be okay for you.

 c) If you SKIP breakfast and find you are dizzy, have no energy and cannot concentrate – skipping breakfast probably isn’t the right thing for you.

Either way your metabolism WILL NOT SLOW DOWN!


When you skip breakfast this is known as ‘fasting’ simply meaning your body hasn’t been given food for a prolonged period of time.


If you wake up and are NOT hungry – give it a shot – ensure your first meal of the day is a nutritious one of proteins and greens.

Fasting can be really great for people who start work super early in the morning – one less thing you have to worry about.

Fasting is also great for those who prefer to have bigger meals later on in the day.

Fasting is also great for those who wish to drop fat due to the cut in calories.

Fasting has MANY benefits but DOES NOT suit everyone.


Like mentioned above some people try it and it pushes them to over eat later in the day causing them to crave not so great foods, I wouldn’t recommend fasting for this person.

Another reason NOT to fast would be if you workout first thing in the morning – if you train in the AM you should 110% have post training breakfast that contains protein AND carbs (more on this below). You have just exerted all this energy it now needs to be replaced to help you recover from training and to give you energy throughout the day. If you fail to do this you will not get the fitness results you are after and you’ll more then likely feel like shit!

If you are a guy trying to put ON size loosing a whole meals worth of calories may hurt them gains so just ensure you eat enough later in the day.


The only time I honestly believe you should have carbs for breakfast is if you trained first thing in the morning.

AFTER training your breakfast SHOULD contain carbs

Not the crappy type tho – if you consume refined carbs for breakfast like talked about above that is when you’ll experience that insulin spike and crash!

Here are some great examples of carb breakfast:

-Protein shake with banana and berries blended with ice and water
-Eggs on grainy toast with avo
-English muffins with egg and lean turkey or even a good cut of bacon
-Oats (plain rolled – no fancy brands) with berries

A NO carb breakfast filled with protein, greens and fats will keep you alert, energised and focused. It will not spike your insulin levels which is what a heavy carb meal can do first thing in the morning leaving you in a slump by 10am. This is a great option for every other morning.

NO carb breakfast?!?! I know weird!!

Here are some great example no carb breakfast:

-Low carb protein shake mixed with water (no banana)
-Omelettes (eggs, spinach, spring onion, tomato, avo)
-Lean turkey with eggs, avo and spinach
-Coffffeeeeeeee – black like my soul of course no double shot, mocha, lattes with skinny almond milk, extra hot, half strength, topped with whipped cream and sprinkles (sorry!) 

Basically eggs are your bestie – and can surprisingly be done in many different ways!


Ditch the refined carbs, sugars, cereals and granola bars.

Opts for real foods and listen to your body – just because you are in routine doesn’t mean it is right! If you are feeling hungry eat, if you aren’t hungry don’t eat, if you just trained, eat, if you know you’ll binge it later in the day, eat – is all about how YOUR body reacts to different foods and how your body uses them.

You can change up days depending on what you have on – make it suit your lifestyle, goals and activity levels – don’t just eat the next superfood because the media tells us its magic!

What are some changes that you can make starting tomorrow to give you more energy, focus and drive?!?!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X



The word that gets thrown around usually in hysteric because it seems to be something we have lost.

It isn’t under the couch.

I didn’t leave it at work.

It isn’t in the bottle of vodka.

And hell it sure isn’t at the end of the block of chocolate (I’ve personally looked enough times for all of us)

Maybe my dog ate it?

We can search high and low until we are left in a slump, clueless asking,

“Where did my motivation go?”

What if I were to tell you I can help you find it AND help you reach LIMITLESS MOTIVATION?!

Remember when you were at your healthiest and fittest you ever have been?

Remember how god damn good you felt!?

Not the skinniest – almost quite the opposite the most nourished, alive on top of the world version of yourself – with so much internal strength and energy.

So full of life and sunlight!!

I want you to think back to that point – what where you doing that worked so well?

I already know the answer but do you?

Instantly you’re going to reel off a list of things in your mind that seem so far fetched and you think you can NEVER get back there, but that isn’t it.

You were doing ONE thing.


That’s it – at your fittest and healthiest point of your life you were being consistent.

Doesn’t matter who you are, at what age, under what circumstance – the only time anything EVER changes (this can be both good OR bad) is if we are consistent.

BUT how can you use the piece of information to unlock LIMITLESS MOTIVATION?

Realise it must started and will always start within YOU.

No matter how much money you throw at fitness programs, gyms, trainers, food plans or life coaches you will not get the results you want if you don’t rewire YOU.

You cannot buy motivation.

It must start with YOU.

Our bodies are wired a certain way – an extremely powerful way, so powerful that it is actually apart of our subconscious mind.

OKAY TEL YOU ARE LOOSING ME, WTF is the subconscious mind?!?!

Right, you know when you’re eating really well but nek minute you find yourself a packet deep in chips?

Or when you’re looking in the fridge when you are not even fucking hungry, you don’t even know how you got there and don’t even know what your are looking for?

Or when you set your alarm early to get a walk/workout in but you switch it off without even thinking twice?

Or when you have full intent to cook a healthy dinner then find yourself in the drive thru with an extra large fries and an ice cream?


Imagine an iceberg – the top part visible to the naked eye is the 5% of things that get you the result that you want that you consciously think about – e.g training, prepping, planning… The other 95% of the iceberg that is hidden under the water is what counts most– that 95% is your subconscious mind. Things that you don’t even realise that happen like when you HAVE to have ice-cream.

TO become CONSISTENT and to have LIMITLESS MOTIVATION you need to learn to re-wire your subconscious mind.

At the moment your journey is like a road trip – a long ass road trip. You have your foot on the accelerator the whole time and it seems to get getting you to where you want to be (This may be your training/eating)– then a steep arse hill comes up – you keep your foot down as long as you can but you get exhausted and want to take your foot off only to roll back down having to start again. (this is you reaching for the block of chocolate without even realising) What if you had cruise control on the entire way? What if you were able to just cruise along at 80km per hour to your destination? (This is you taking control of your subconscious mind)


4 steps to re-wire your subconscious mind:

1) UNCONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE – Basically this was you before reading this blog – you don’t know what you don’t know.

2) CONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE – This is you after reading this blog – you begin to be more aware of these things you do that set you back – you may not act on them yet but now when you do them you begin to realise it is happening.

3) CONSCIOUS COMPETENCE – Repetition is the mother of all skills. You weren’t aware of something – e.g when you first learnt how to tie your shoe – you had no idea what you were doing but once you became aware of what you had to do then continued to PRACTICE over and over and over you are now able to do this task without thinking which leads to…

4) UNCONSCIOUS COMPETENCE – Once you master the skill you know longer have to think about it – when you drive home from work and can’t remember how you even got home you went into auto mode – this is unconscious competence – you have preformed that task so many times now that is happens without even thinking. For it this to work you need to ensure you practice it every day.

Let’s use exercise for example:

UNCONSCIOUSLY INCOMPETENCE – You are lacking motivation and believe you are going to the gym regularly and don’t understand why you aren’t getting the results you want.

CONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE –You become aware of how many gym sessions you are actually making (missing every second one) – and realise this may be the cause of the lack of results.

CONSCIOUS COMPETENCE – With the sessions front of mind you make a commitment to attend 5 days a week – this may seem daunting at the start with old habit of automatically driving home after work but after practicing and practicing you make the effort to attend all these sessions.

UNCONSCIOUS COMPETENCE – After work you are now in autopilot and end up at the gym, every single time – it is now apart of your routine – you don’t even need to think about it anymore.

You can apply these 4 steps to any situation that you feel you are being help back in – once you apply it you will have LIMITLESS MOTIVATION as these actions become second nature to you rather then a chore – it is all about picking up on current habits and transforming them into skills.

What can you re-wire in your subconscious mind to unleash LIMITLESS MOTIVATION?

I’m excited for you!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X