Vodka sodas, dancing on tables and how I don’t give AF.

So on Saturday night I went out and had way to many vodka sodas.

Like at least 10 too many.

I remember way back when I first became a PT and I went out and someone saw me drinking and called me out on it saying that as a PT I shouldn’t be out drinking I should be at home setting a good example for ‘potential clients’. It took me back a little bit – I almost felt guilty thinking maybe they are right!? From there I felt a little insecure about it – thinking I would get judged.

It took me about a year to not give a f*ck.

For the simple fact I rarely go out. (I’m lucky to go out once to twice every 2 months) When I am with my friends yes, I like to have a drink and dance all night long and you know what I think it is setting a perfectly good example for other girls out there.

It shows that health and fitness needs to be apart of your life in a healthy balanced way. I love training, I love eating and occasionally I love dancing on tables (okay that hasn’t happened for a while but if it did my friends probably wouldn’t be that surprised!)

There is too much pressure to eat clean 100% of the time, train every single day and live like a hermit all for a lousy 6 pack.

Trust me, unless you have a specific cut off dead line/goal, I’ve been there and it isn’t fun nor worth it. It isn’t maintainable long term and when you eventually fall off the wagon (which you will) and binge your heart out you’ll end up worse off.

What is worth it is catching up with your friends, having a laugh, having a dance, and dealing with your hangover the next day with some chips and gravy then getting right back into it Monday like a boss ass b*tch.

It you start eating donuts daily, drinking every night, training once a week then sure don’t expect to feel that great and 100% don’t expect change.

My body is the best it has ever been all because I know balance – I know I don’t need to train every day, I know eating well 80% of the time will keep me lean, I know that lifting heavy is the bomb, I know that a cheeky donut here or there wont effect the way my body looks, I know I can go out socially every now and again without it setting me back from my goals – it all keeps me sane and it is maintainable long term.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

PS – to the judgey a**hole who told me I shouldn’t be drinking cheers.*insert martini glass emoji*

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