10 secrets on how to live a healthier, happier more successful life.

1- Do your own thing. We at Royale Fitness have seen it happen time and time again with other places trying to mimic what we do, problem is they just aren’t and never will be good at it!! What we do works because it is us, we love it, we own it, we care and we rock it! If you copy and use others sloppy seconds it won’t work – find something you love, anything and rock the sh*t out of it.

2- Travel. I know travel cost money, you’ve got kids, and it isn’t possible. Well not with that attitude it isn’t. I did read a status one of our kicka** athletes wrote – ‘Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.’ And she couldn’t be more correct.

3- Buy sexy underwear. Well that escalated quickly…. Chuck out your ‘Bridget Jones’ and do your butt a favour… It’s the least you can do for something that’s always got your back. Life is to short for cottontails – I used to work with nursing homes and trust me you’ll spend enough time in them later in life!

4- Compliment. Girls need to stop being b*tches. Jealous isn’t pretty and nasty words will never get you far! Be nice and support each other. Period.

5. Stop watching the news. Seriously – your life will instantly go from a 4 to a 7 if you apply this step.

6. Do something for YOU. Once a week, if not once a month. I’m talking hair, nails, facials, cheeky purchases, and massages – although materialistic you’ll be feeling a million bucks afterwards.

7. Enforce a 2-minute rule. I’ve stolen this one from Matt – something may piss you off…. I can’t believe she did that/said that/told him/showed her blah blah blah bullsh*t. Okay you have 2 minutes to get it out of your system then you are over it. Do not put fuel to a negative fire, nip it in the bud, sh*t happens move on.

8. Train… HARD. Do NOT waste your time walking on a treadmill or doing pointless bootcamps that are NOT personally programmed for your development. Royale Fitness is specifically programmed so you have the power to GO HARD! Sweat, lift, run, jump, smash your PB’s and PROGRESS ALWAYS! If you are not doing this you are wasting you money. (Even if you are only paying $5 per week!)

9. Use all USEFUL information given to you. I know myself I put out a heap of useful information to ALL my girls – when they take it and apply it my god you better go running because they are a force you wouldn’t want to mess with! Why waste good, free resources?

10. Set big goals. Loose weight is NOT a goal. The bigger and more specific the goal the more chance you have of achieving it. Write down your goal and underneath write down WHY? HOW? WHEN? – by answering these questions you have just made a plan on how to achieve your kicka** goal? Still not sure? Lucky you RF members have your awesome trainers to point you in the right direction: P

Are you ready to make a change, not only to your body but to your mind, beliefs and life? Ready to be surrounded by a tribe of badass females? I’ve got good news for yewwww – I have an opening in my Monday/Wednesday 5:30pm Heartcore sessions – this is a rare opportunity as I don’t take girls on often so if you’re ready to stop f*cking around and finally start getting results – shoot me a message and lets get the ball rolling!!!!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel x

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