Self-confidence is the new black.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat (you know that swallowing razors feeling) and a stuffy nose – I held out for as long as I could and decided to take some cold and flu tabs – not just the over the counter stuff – the good stuff with codeine and pseudo ephedrine – I now feel high AF – so high I went to Foodworks to get stuff for lunch and came out with an avocado and a box of Cadbury Favourites so god knows how the fuck this blog will turn out – apologies in advance.

DID YOU KNOW we DON’T have to change.

I know it’s plastered all over social media to look a certain way.

But did you know you don’t have to look like that?!

It is okay to love yourself?

It is okay to be yourself?

It is NOT arrogant.

It IS healthy.

How did I stumble across this simple yet powerful epiphany?

I just had to look at my Instagram newsfeed.

People – random people – everywhere eager to change. The way they look isn’t good enough and they MUST change.

It is splashed in front of my face everyday and almost every time I check Insta (which is a fuck tonne more then I’d like to admit.)

*Pause to check insta newsfeed

When it is directly in our faces everyday it is hard not to start thinking ‘I need to change too.’

I should start dieting, I need to start exercising, I should look like that etc…

It’s almost unseen to love yourself and do you want to know why?

Because we get fucking condemned if we do!!!

Girls posting selfies of any kind –feeling confident – we have all had those days where our make up is on point, the lighting is fab or you’re just noticing how fucking good you’re looking – work it girllll you are looking mighty fine today!!!!

Feeling confidant AF.

That is until you are almost INSTANTLY judged for a) being yourself b) liking the way you look.


Seriously what.the.fuck.

Imagine years from now (for me) or now if you are already a mum.

Your daughter is this amazing human, who shines bright wherever she goes – lights up a room when she walks in.

She has this glow about her, happily confident with herself and her life.

Now imagine if she was dulled down and taught not to walk with her head held high because it isn’t okay to love the way you look.

It isn’t okay to be yourself.

And every time she does show that ounce of confidence she gets put down.

She conforms.

The mentally of ‘I hate my thighs’, ‘Delete that I look fat’, ‘OMG why can’t I look like X,Y or Z’ starts.

What would you do??

You’d tell her how amazing she is, you’d teach her the importance of self-love and screw anyone that puts you down because you’re stronger then that.

Wouldn’t you?

You would have her back because her confidence isn’t arrogance is it beauty.

If it comes out so fluidly why do you struggle telling yourself the same things?

Why don’t you have our own back?

The NEED to ‘change’ is fucking destroying women.

Two final things I want to leave you with.

1) If you are one of those judging others & dulling their glow – you need to work on yourself. Start by focusing on YOU. You only judge others because you are unhappy with yourself.

2) If you’re someone trying to find your glow, you won’t find it by changing – it’s already inside of you. You need to stop comparing yourself to others – start loving and appreciating yourself and the life you are given.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X
AKA the girl who loves herself in a world telling her not too *insert emoji with the girl putting her hand up

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