Week 22

I turned 29 this week, very low key birthday compared to normal, much more sober lol.

Not that I’m complaining about waking up fresh!

We leave for our baby moon at the end of this week and I’m just HANGING to get some time away, I’m feeling overworked, tired and slightly stressed over a combination of things so I think it’ll be good to get away and just relax, we are heading to GC and Byron Bay so you’ll hear all about that next week!

My body feels good, ligament pain still causing me to feel uncomfortable during work but other then that the body is feeling good!

Hardly trained this week due to being busy/my birthday/tiredness but I still moved so have to count that as a win hey!

I’ve popped, the belly feels like it’s out and about, it’s cute and Little Prince is as active as ever! During the middle of the night especially ATM – hoping this stops when he is here. I was wake from 1:30am-4:30am the other night – woken up from kicks then just couldn’t sleep! When you’re already tired this lack of sleep doesn’t help!!

Speaking of tired I had my iron infusion Thursday – the nurse wasn’t confident putting the needle in and I’m really bruised and sore! But if it works I don’t care! The nurse said I should start to feel the effect in 2-3 weeks and mannnnn I can’t wait!!!! Give me energy pleassssseeeeeee!

Last thing that happened this week was a call from the Dr.

She had my ultrasound results from my 20 week scan, the baby was growing beautifully! Something I love to hear! BUT (why is there always a but?!) I have a low lying posterior placenta 14mm from my cervix. This isn’t where it should be and not what you want – basically if it doesn’t move I’ll have a C section.

I already have x2 more scans booked in because of my UC (one at 27 and one at 32 or 34 I can’t remember) so they will monitor it then and see if it moves. The only other risk here is bleeding, which doesn’t always happen but if it does I need to get to a hospital ASAP as you can loose a lot of blood fast. I have only spoken to the Dr over the phone and will meet with the Ob once I’m back from my babymoon – just trying not to google to much stuff in the mean time lol which is hard!

For now it’s time for some well needed and well deserved R&R.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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