Can perfection and happiness co-exist?

We all thrive for perfection when it comes to our body but is it worth it?
So many of us spend way too much time scrolling through social media looking at photos of girls who LOVE training and look ‘effortlessly’ perfect with their perky bums and flat stomachs. We begin to believe that in order for us to be happy we need to look like these people. These people’s lives are perfect!
No – these peoples lives are made to look perfect. No way in hell would they ever post a photo for the whole world to see of their post food babies, pimples, cellulite, hairy legs or pale skin.
Which is fine everyone is the same, myself included I don’t want people seeing me at my worst but the problem is when it is fed to us constantly we start to believe that this is how we need to look in order to be confident and happy. We then put too much pressure on ourselves and constantly put ourself down ‘I’m too fat’ ‘I’m too thin’ ‘I want a box gap’ ‘my thighs are massive’ ect. ect. you ALL know what I’m talking about here!
Now I’m going to be totally honest – I freaken loved my body on stage during my fitness comp I was confident, secure and down right sexy – it was the closest to ‘perfection’ I’d come BUT was I happy? Yeh for the 5 minutes on stage I was happy and when I got my photos I was wrapped but the 3 months leading up to the comp I wasn’t and the 2 weeks post comp I wasn’t either – I know right but I had abs, a tan, no pimples, I was lean and COMPLETELY hair free – what wasn’t to be happy about? Well unless you maintain the super strict diet your body doesn’t stay like that FYI and to look like that takes sacrifice from all other aspects of your life – you become distant from the ones you love because you are too obsessed – obsessed I feel is the real representation of how I felt through the experience – I’d over think my foods, my exercises and my body – having abs and a perky bum did not make me happy.
It was not healthy and it left me with some shitty habits I’m still trying to rid.
If you are constantly striving for ‘perfection’ because this girl has this and that girl has that you’ll never be content. You will never be these people nor should you want to be – yes work hard in the gym, sweat and eat healthy, good foods but remember life is all about balance so when you over obsess about how you look in comparison to other people you will never be satisfied no matter how flat your stomach is – so enjoy brunch with your besties – drink coffee – go out dancing – have goals and smash them.
We all have flaws, stories and imperfections but that’s what makes us unique.
Once you start to accept this and realise that perfection doesn’t exist only then will you be truly happy.
Deep one today guys but I see too much self shaming too often (myself included) and it just kills me inside because you are all fabulous and I wish you could see it!!
Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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