To much of a good thing….

So you eat healthy – ya know quinoa, protein powders, quest bars, peanut butter – your health regime is down pat filled with everything from the ‘health food’ section of your supermarket BUT you’re still not getting the results your after.

Want to know why?

Because there is such thing as too much of a good thing….

Lets take the first food mentioned above the all round claimed ‘super food’ quinoa.

100g COOKED quinoa
Calories 98
Carbs 17g
Protein 3g

100g UNCOOKED quinoa
Calories 368
Carbs 63g
Protein 14g

Clearly because of water when quinoa is cooked it’s heavier but to the naked eye and an everyday person who knows 100g is a good portion size and measures it off uncooked quinoa this is a big bloody difference x3 as much difference actually.

Same goes with any super food/health food if you are eating x3 the recommended serve DOES NOT MAKE IT GOOD FOR YOU.

Watch your portions sizes, read labels or better yet eat foods with no labels….

I bloody hate the ‘health’ food section – it’s just big brands marketing crap, unneeded products labelling the as ‘raw’ ‘superfoods’.

I was having this discussion with some friends of mine about a RAW caramel slice.

This slice was about 5cmx5cm and was 500 calories.

BUT its raw so it’s okay to eat more regularly when trying to loose weight as opposed to a regular caramel slice?


Just no!

Don’t be sucked in my hypes, brands and packaging.

Train hard, eat fresh & always say yes to sugared up, pink icing, sprinkled, jam donuts….. Well, not always but occasionally when you soul says its time!

Stay strong & Stretch,

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