Week 27

What a good bloody week this was!!


And what a difference it makes, so I’m putting it down to changing pillows and using a nasal spray.

I’m now using x3 pillows: x1 body pillow on the side that I can spoon and the other two are stacked so I’m up a bit higher on the bed.

I’ve been complaining about a blocked nose – the physician at my last appointment recommended a nasal spray – which I used last week and it did nothing but I was using it in the middle of the night when my nose was really blocked and I was already wide awake.

This week I just used it each night before bed instead and it’s working like a charm!

Training is still the same pilates/weights and cardio/walking AND I went ot go back to swimming but genesis wouldn’t let me use the pool casually and I don’t want to use melton waves so I’m in the middle of looking for a new pool – I found one in gissy so I’m hoping to get back to it finally! Annoying the lady wouldn’t let me use it tho – uh!!

Food people keep asking what I’m craving an honestly nothing – no weird cravings that I can think of – I’m still trying to keep healthy and eat a balanced diet my main meals are very routine – vegemite and avo toast, chicken wraps, spud, broc and protein at dinner – snacks are varied depending on how hungry I am and I;m loving hot choccies….

We also had another scan this week!!! I was SOOOOO excited to see our little very active man!!

Everything looked perfect I couldn’t be more happy with how he is growing – we got a couple of pics – they weren’t the best quality and just looked like an alien lol, his tummy and head are in the 95+ percentile – just like his mumma!

I also know I’ll be having a c-section – I meet with the consult next appointment… this decision really came down to me and I’ve opted to go down this path – if they could guarantee natural birth wouldn’t end in an emergency c, tearing and stress on my bowels I’d opt for it but they cant and I just no the extra pressure will not be good on my bowels.

My UC has been pretty good – my digestive system is a little all over the shop between not being able to go, straining to hard and causing hemarriods then bouts of loose stools afterwards. I’ve been experiencing a little bit of a sore tummy (all digestive related not baby related) but I’m just monitoring and taking it all day by day and making sure I remember to take my meds – I can be a little off with this!

After the hospital appointment we went and bought a change table – another big tick for the non set up nursery lol

We started putting it together on Saturday – it was a flat pack that came in 5 different boxes – it was a nightmare and terrible quality so after breaking a few screws and the attachments we tapped out and decided we will take it back next week – I shot them an email saying how crappy the quality was and how I don’t trust putting a baby on it and they were actually really good and said they would give us a refund – annoying part is next week we have to go back to campfield which is like 50 minutes away!

Another week bites the dust and I’m in the final trimester next week!! OMG!!!

Stay Strong and Stretch,
Tel X

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