How to eat more… and NOT gain fat

We all have that one skinny friend that eats and eats and eats and will always remain the size of stick. (We secretly hope it catches up with you one day!!)

Well I’m here to say you too can eat MORE food without putting on fat!

Almost sounds to good to be true huh, a common issue has been brought to my attention that girls are not eating enough of the good stuff….

Having a salad at lunch and a piece of fruit for afternoon tea does not count as a meal and you wonder why you eat the house down when you get home from work.

In my last post I talked about your food diary. A simple solution as to why you are not reaching your goals when you think you are eating and training well.

Once you have recorded what you are eating for a week then what?

Look back and think ohhh pasta is the devil and that piece of bread went straight to my hips I’ll never eat carbs again!



Once the week is over you need to get 3 highlighters.

Each colour represents each of the following:

Green = Greens (broc, spinach, kale, asparagus ect)

Orange = Carbs and sugar (Rice, pasta, chocolate, fruit {yes fruit is sugar}, cake, oats ect)
Pink = Protein (chicken, eggs, mince, steak ect)

Now time to make your food diary beautiful!

Go through the last seven days with one colour at a time and highlight each food you’ve consumed. (If you are not sure which of the above 3 categories the food belongs to either leave it or message me.)

After turning your boring food diary into an impressive piece of art you now need to become a real artist and hold the painting, I mean food dairy back to allow yourself to take a better look…

What colour do you see the most?

What colour do you see the least?

9 times of out 10 I see ORANGE over all other colours and no it isn’t because it is a bold colour it is because we are addicted to sugar! (More on that another day)

Sadly our pink and greens are somewhere hidden under all that orange!

Sooooo I guess this means you need to cut ALL sugar and carbs immediately right?


For starters I don’t want your boyfriend, husband or parents chasing me down because you are having serious emotional sugar withdrawals.

I don’t want you to cut a goddamn thing! I want you to ADD.

Add MORE greens to EVERY meal.

Add MORE protein to EVERY meal.

Even out your colours, so next time you do your food diary there is just as much oranges, pinks and greens to make that perfect, healthy, priceless piece of art you can be proud to call your own.

Have fun and eat up!!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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