Scales Shmales!

Who at one point of their lives (maybe still) has been slightly addicted to the number on the scales?

If you answered no I’m calling bluff!!!

It is like they just stare at you saying ‘stand on me’ when they really need to come with a warning label saying ‘can cause serious emotional trauma, stand on at own risk!’

In the health industry about 90% of clients I see in their initial consultation have 3 common goals:
1- Tone (usually legs and tummy)
2- Become more flexible
3- Loose weight – followed by how much they currently weigh and what they ‘should’ or would like to weigh.

The top two I’ll get back to another day. The third one listed is by far my most common, and hey I don’t blame you I’m always down for looking and feeling shmokingggg but I don’t think looking and feeling shmokingggg is a reflection on what the scale says!!.

..Well anymore anyways…

Let me give you an example you might be able to relate to…. I remember when I first started training seriously at Royale Fitness ( at this point in time I only trained for a killer rig and for the scales to drop. I worked my ass off, ate immaculately and listened to everything my coach said. I was feeling AMAZING I liked what I saw in the mirror (which was very rare), I was doing sick gymnastics skills and beating my on pb’s often, man I was just feeling grouse….


I confidently stood on the scales and they hadn’t budged.

Like at all. Seriously I worked this (insert explicit word) hard and I haven’t dropped a single kg?!?! So safe to say that grouse feeling I had 5 minutes prior to standing on the scales had totally 360-ed, I felt gross, extremely emotional and not good enough. I believe my first words as I stood off to my now fiancé were ‘I’m not eating dinner.’ (Ridiculous right?)

This escalated quite quickly to an over obsessive relationship I would weigh myself in the morning, in the evening, before training, after training. I was addicted. At the time I didn’t see it, I just saw a number in my head that I HAD to be. How can a tiny little device that brings up a number have so much control over our emotions?


It got to a point were my partner had to get rid of them completely because it was not only affecting the way I internally felt it was affecting the way I externally acted. Getting rid of the scales was one of the BEST things I (well Matt) could of done! My focus and goals over time and with a little encouragement and support came back to training, killing my pbs, looking banging, learning constantly and most importantly feeling happy!! I now could not tell you what I weigh nor do I care because I’m strong, lean, healthy and doing crazy cool tricks all the time!

I know I’m not alone with this, which is why I ALWAYS make it really clear to my girls to take progression photos (before and after photos) to track their body’s progress and to have other goals that aren’t body image related. (Run 1km non stop, do 2 pull ups, reach 30 second plank ect…) We all already spend too much time being critical about our bodies so chuck your scales out, re-access your goals and live happier!

Stay Strong & Stretch,

Tel x

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