Train insane and remain the SAME

If I’m going to sweat, drag my arse out of bed and become sore for up to 3 days I want it to be for a reason – that reason isn’t only to ‘look good’ it is too progress.

When you have been training for years and years – looking good just doesn’t cut it anymore – you become driven to get more specific.

You get to know your body and how it reacts to certain exercises, you start to decipher all the crap and only train for a purpose and specific result.

Take my current training goals for example:
-Improve posture – shoulders
-Build glutes
-Improve squat/lower body strength without building quads
-Get hardio fitness back up (FYI seriously dread this but it needs to be done!)

From these goals I’m able to map out 8 weeks worth of programming.

The first week is to test to see where I’m currently at and record all results (may be through a photo of my current relaxed posture, squat 1RM and a hardio WOD) then weeks 2-7 are for me to work towards the end outcome – the last week, week 8 is for me to re-test all my goals to see where I have improved and where still needs more work.

After the 8 weeks is up I’m able to sit down and re-access my goals to map out another 8 weeks worth of programming depending on where I’m at.

The process repeats.

And this process works.

But Tel I’m training everyday and I have been for months but I’m STILL not getting the results I want.

Well duh.

Either one of 2 things is happening….

1- You’re overtraining – Training everyday is just ridiculous, not necessary and could be the reason you’re not where you want to be – when is your body suppose to rest and recover? 3-4 days is plenty.

Day 1- Lower body
Day 2 – Upper body
Day 3 – Full body
Day 4 – Extra hardio (depending on how keen you are and how much coffee you had that morning)

I personally found the best results when I trained 3-4 times per week (this is coming from someone who use to train everyday, sometimes twice a day!) I know it’s scary to cut days out of your programming but trust me you’ll have more energy and you body will thank you for it!

2- You aren’t eating enough – If you are training hard but aren’t fuelling your body it isn’t going to benefit you. Does a car run without petrol?

Common mistake we make usually revolves around carbs – you heard somewhere that in order to loose weight/tone up you must cut them. Sure cut them and you might drop a few kg’s but as soon as you add them back in prepare for a blow out.

Carbs are energy. So if you have no carbs in your body you will not get any faster, fitter or stronger because you don’t have the energy to do so.

When you train hard and limit food your body doesn’t like it. It gets confused and when you do eat it’ll hold onto whatever it is and store it because it doesn’t know when it’ll be fed next.

By eating healthy balanced diet with carbs, protein and fats you are allowing your body to be fuelled properly – it will no longer need to store foods because it knows it’ll be fed soon and just like I said above you’ll have more energy and you body will thank you for it!

Hopefully those few pointers can lead you in the right direction!

If you need more help with training or food I’m taking on my next group of girls for my 4 Week Health and Fitness Plans starting MAY – Email me or comment on this post for more info!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel x

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